American IPAs, Russian imperial stouts or what about German wheat beers? How is your knowledge on the more technical side, malt, wort, yeast, draught beer, can or bottle? Is it getting confusing already? It's our bread and butter, but we can appreciate that the world of specialty beer can be mind-boggling. Fortunately, we are here to help you. On this page you will find all kinds of articles that show you how to navigate through the magical maze of specialty beer.

What beer styles are there?

Let's start at the beginning; if you're only used to lager, it can feel a bit over whelming. There are lots of other beer styles, that you might be less familiar with. We have written several articles on common beer styles. This way you quickly learn everything about the popular IPA, the Belgian Tripels and the difference between white and wheat.

Belgian beer classics

There aren’t many countries that can boast of age-old brewing traditions, where all fermentation processes are used and where the beer culture has been certified as world heritage? In fact, there is only one. Belgium of course! It is a country famed for its beer with its rich beer history and commitment to tradition. In addition to a number of classics such as La Chouffe and Westmalle, there are also real style icons in Belgium; beers that more or less define the style. Basically, just try them!

Tips for tasting beer

Now that you know a bit more about beer styles and beer history, it's time to actually taste some beer for yourself. But how do you actually do that and how can you get the most out of your beer tasting? And in which glasses do you pour the beer? We don’t want to bog you down with too much technical information, but we also want you to drink the beer at its best. Follow these tips and you can’t go too far wrong!

How do you tap beer?

In addition to bottled or canned beer, you can of course also drink draught beer. With our home beer tap, The SUB, you can easily draught a delicious, brewery-fresh beer from your own kitchen. Discover the benefits of The SUB with these articles.

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Brew your own beer

Do you already feel like a real beer expert? Then you are probably interested in brewing your own beer. We would be happy to explain how brewing a beer works and what it involves. If you want to make it easy for yourself, check out the Minibrew; a smart device that takes most of the work off your hands.