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What is a Blonde beer?

Blonde beers are a sibling of lagers, with a similar drinkability but with more developed flavours. Often the alcohol percentage is higher than in your conventional session lager, ranging from 5% up to 9.5%.

Golden in colour, they are very often top-fermented beers meaning they are cloudy and packed with fruity and herbal flavours. Don't be daunted however if that sounds intense, most blondes are malty too so unlike IPAs, they are more welcoming to new fans.

Blondes are often enjoyed in the summer months but, of course, many love to pour this beer style in colder months too due to the strong flavours and alcohol percentage warming them right up!

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Where is Blonde beer produced?

You'll notice that our range of Blonde beers comes from mostly one place - Belgium! This isn't the only place where Blonde beers are produced of course, because they are brewed all over the world, but the Belgian take on Blonde beers are some of the most popular. High in ABV, these are not session brews but something to be enjoyed heartily with a great food pairing. 

We also have a Blonde from France, and some other seasonal additions from other countries are coming soon!

What Blonde beer should I try first?

We recommend trying a classic like Affligem Blonde! For those not looking for a high ABV, try Affligem Fris Blond which provides all the flavour of a blonde at 4.6% ABV.

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What can I pair with a Blonde beer?

As Blondes tend to pack a bunch, pairing them may seem like an impossible task! However, the golden (beer) rule is to pair with something of matching strength - so if you are enjoying a lighter blonde, have a go at pairing it with a light dinner including fish or chicken. If you are pouring something with more kick, grab your nearest curry or tangy cheese and enjoy!