Specially designed Beerwulf glasses

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Craft beer glass kits

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Branded beer glasses and kits

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Bar accessories

We have branded glasses, coasters, bottles openers and bar kits! All the necessary bar accessories to upgrade your home and get properly kitted out like a real pub! 

Beerwulf beer accessories

Have you already seen our Heineken beer glass kit? Or does the Birra Moretti bar set suit you better? We recommend our Beerwulf Tasting beer glass set, which is perfect for all beer fans, especially those who like to experiment with different flavours and organise beer tastings. Our Beerwulf Tasting beer glasses were developed specifically to really bring out all the aromas of the beer. This will make your home beer tasting even more professional.

BLADE accessories

With our range of accessories, you can upgrade what feels like an already flawless experience.  As you know, BLADE pulls perfect, proffesional pints but if you kit it out like a real bar, you will take home draught to a whole new level. 

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