Beerwulf beer taps

The SUB Classic Red Heineken Starter Pack


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The SUB Compact Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

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SUB Classic Red Birra Moretti Starter Pack


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Home beer taps

Compare The SUB beer tap and Blade beer tap models here:


The SUB: The compact home beer tap


BLADE: The premium draught experience

  • For a professional pub-authentic pour 
  • Perfect pints everytime
  • Cooled to 2° C
  • Load it with 8 litre BLADE kegs
  • Fresh for 30 days 

Beer taps for home. Which is right for you?

The SUB beer tap - 2 litres

The SUB is an innovative home beer tap,  allowing you to draught pub worthy pints from your home.  At a glance, The SUB beer dispenser chills your beer to 2 ° C and will keep it fresh for 2 weeks.  The SUB is a great party piece but it's also very good for when you're winding down and just want a quiet pint of your favourite beer.

We have a range of SUB beer taps to choose from, meaning you can pick exactly the right machine for your needs. Take your pick from; the space-saving Compact, the timeless Classic and the super sleek Heineken Edition



BLADE beer tap - 8 litres

BLADE is for real bar enthusiasts, those looking for a professional pub pour. The 8 litre capacity upgrades any counter to a fully functioning bar. These appliances will keep your beer pub fresh for up to 30 days. Be it your kitchen, outdoor bar or games room, our beer taps will create a truly authentic experience.

Explore the wonderful world of home beer taps

Take a look around and explore all the products we have on offer. With both The SUB and BLADE you get fresh draught beer at home, on tap! Beerwulf have the appliances but it's the beer taps themselves that bring the bar experience to your home with freshly poured beer!

Beer taps for home bar

Thinking about turning your kitchen into a bar? Or any countertop for that matter. With our beer taps you'll be draughting like a pro and pulling pub worthy pints in your very own home bar in no time!

Looking for the Krups beer tap?

It can be a bit confusing; The SUB beer tap is manufactured by Krups but a product of Beerwulf. This space-saving beer tap comes in a variety of models, all compatible with our Beerwulf SUB Kegs. They are sleek, stylish and above all, pour an exceptional pint!