Brewing beer has never been so easy

Brew your favourite beer
Brew your favourite beer
From your favourite brewers
World class quality beer
World class quality beer
Brewed in your own home!
One single purchase
One single purchase
Everything you need in one bundle
Simple and self-cleaning
Simple and self-cleaning
Become a brewmaster with one machine

MiniBrew: Your smart solution to brewing craft beers at home. 

Designed with people who love beer and those who would love to brew it in mind, MiniBrew CRAFT is the hassle-free solution for home brewing. Brew world class beer at home, your way. We have got Brewpacks of your favourite beer, lager, IPA and Weizen from some of the best breweries in the business. Create well-known and reputable beers at home, with the MiniBrew CRAFT and Brewpacks you become the brewmaster! 

The stylish brewing machine is fully controlled by the simple MiniBrew App and walks you through every step of the brewing process.  The superior technology means anyone can brew premium quality beer. When your beer is ready, you can drink the fresh craft beer straight from the keg! It doesn't get fresher than that!

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What makes Minibrew the #1 choice for home brewing?

  • Great tasting beer, from amazing breweries
  • Simple to install, plug in and you're ready
  • Straight-forward app will guide you through the whole process
  • Easy to clean, traditionally brewing's biggest pain point
  • Attractive, modern design
  • No need for glass bottles, tap straight into your glass!


How it works

In 4 simple steps
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1. Order.

Select  The MiniBrew Starter Pack, it includes everything you need to start brewing right away; machine, 3x Brewpacks and a Service Pack. You can also purchase The MiniBrew CRAFT machine and MiniBrew Brewpacks + Service Pack separately. Once you have purchased the machine you can also buy replenishment Brewpacks and even an additional keg if you need.

Free next day delivery! 

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2. Brew

Brewing is simple and the MiniBrew App will guide you through the whole process. The app informs you when a step or action needs to take place and provides updates and insights on your beer.  

*You need a water supply and stable wifi connection to brew

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3. Ferment

The MiniBrew SmartKeg (which is included when you buy the machine) is fully temperature controlled, regulating the specific temperature needed for the beer you are brewing. 

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4. Tap

Home brew, tapped straight from the keg. Fresh, cold and shareable, exactly how beer should be enjoyed!

MiniBrew FAQs


What is the MiniBrew CRAFT?

MiniBrew is your smart solution to home brewing. The all-in-one, multi-functioning machine allowing you to brew premium quality beer all the way from grain to glass.

What is included in The Minibrew Starter Pack?

  • 1x MiniBrew CRAFT (Base Station + SmartKeg)
  • 3x Brewpacks 
  • 1x Service Pack
  • 1x UK plug adaptor

What is included in The Minibrew Service Pack?

  •  1x sanitizer spray bottle

  •  1x Arsegan Puro San® sanitizer bottle (100ml)

  • 1x sanitizer solution syringe

  • 10x hop bags

  • 2x dishwasher tabs

  • 5x MiniBrew CO2 cartridges

Can I buy more Brewpacks? 

Of course! You can purchase the Brewpacks without the machine.

So, what do I need to buy to start brewing right away? 

You can either buy The MiniBrew Starter Pack which has everything you need in or, you can buy The MiniBrew CRAFT and MiniBrew Brewpacks + Service Pack individually. For first time buyers it is important to buy the Service Pack as it includes some vital equipment.  You will also need a water supply and stable wifi connection to brew. 

Is it easy to use?

Definitely!  Easy to install, setup and the app will guide you through the whole brewing process. You will also get insights into what goes into brewing a great beer!

Is it difficult to clean?

Unlike traditional brewing, MiniBrew does not require lots of cleaning, it's hassle free. The MiniBrew machines are self-cleaning systems with dishwasher safe parts.

Where can I see details of the MiniBrew App?

The free MiniBrew App is currently available for iOS devices and can be downloaded through the App Store. The Android App is planned for the end of 2020; however no specific date is set in stone!

Who can use MiniBrew?

MiniBrew is the all-in-one appliance that will turn anyone into a brewmaster! The MiniBrew Starter Pack gets you started with all the hardware and ingredients you need and the app software will guide you through every step. For home brewing aficionados, beer enthusiasts and everyone in between!

Is it possible to use The MiniBrew without the app?

No, the MiniBrew App is fundamental to use the machine.