Get started with a beer tap bundle!

Our Starter Packs include a beer tap and beer kegs of your choosing. Plug in and pour, everything you need to start tapping straight away. You're just a few clicks away from perfect, home poured pints!

And remember, there are no delivery costs!

SUB Starter Packs


5 Items

£ 142.96 £ 124.00

5 Items

£ 144.96 £ 124.00

Blade Starter Packs


BLADE + 2X Heineken - 8L Keg

£ 504.98 £ 475.00

Blade + 2 x Birra Moretti 8L Kegs

£ 506.98 £ 475.00

BLADE + 2X Heineken 0.0 - 8L Keg

£ 475.00

The home draught experience

You can now pour perfect pints at home time and time again. Delicious, mouth-watering, brewery-fresh pints, quite literally on tap. All you need to do is choose the beer tap bundle that is right for you, you are just a few clicks away from starting your home bar adventure. What are you waiting for?! Make your dreams of having a personal bar a reality!

The SUB keeps beer optimally chilled at 2 degrees, for 15 days. All models are compatible with our 2 litre SUB Kegs. These are available in different styles and brands, the perfect beer for every occasion. BLADE is our professional draught system. Tap the ergonomically designed 8 litre BLADE Kegs for a pub authentic pint!

If you buy a SUB or BLADE Starter Pack, you will have everything you need, in one order, to start tapping immediately!

How does home draught beer work?

All our draught systems are designed to be compact, stylish and an efficient.  They are elegant, timeless and will look great in any setting. There are different models and colours, so you will always find the one that best suits your taste. 

The SUB and BLADE are smart. The SUB will signal through the red and green light, when it is ready to be used. SUB Kegs can be inserted easily into the tap where it remains fresh for 15 days! The clever chilling technology will cool your beer to optimum drinking temperatures too. You can speed up this process if you pre-chill the keg in the fridge for 6-10 hours before.

Why choose a home draught Starter Pack?

Free delivery

Free delivery

On a day of your choosing
Plug and pour!

Plug and pour!

Start tapping right away
Pour fresh pub quality pints

Pour fresh pub quality pints

Perfect for hosting!