At Beerwulf, we're not just passionate about beer; we're dedicated to revolutionising the way people experience it at home. Our top-notch home draught machines, curated keg selection, and unique bar accessories enable customers to pour the perfect pint in their living rooms, kitchens, or home bars. Whether it's sharing a game night with friends, unwinding after a hard day's work, or discovering great new tasteswe've got the ideal pour for every occasion. 


Are you a beer enthusiast with a blog, website, or social media channel? Our affiliate programme is a great way to earn commission while helping our customers craft unforgettable memories. By promoting Beerwulf through your platform, you can earn commissions on every order placed by visitors who discover us through your promotional materials. 


#1 Register with Impact, our trusted affiliate marketing platform. 

#2 Once you’ve registered with Impact, you can send us an invite to our Beerwulf programme on Impact’s platform. If you already have an account, you can send a request through this link! 

#3 We’ll review your platform to see if it’s a good match with our brand. Once approved, you're officially a part of the Beerwulf pack! 

#4 You’re now ready to start our partnership. On Impact you’ll be able to find promotional materials like ready-made banners, or product catalogues, ready to be incorporated into your platform.  

#5 As soon as your audience places an order on Beerwulf’s website, through your tracking link, you’ll start earning commissions (all payments and commission totals are handled by Impact, verification periods apply).  


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We're on the lookout for affiliates who share our passion for next-level beer experiences. Whether you run a beer blog, manage a food-focused website, or create content related to sports and/or men’s lifestyle, if your platform aligns with our values, we want you on board. 


Frequent campaigns and promotions keep content fresh and engaging. 

Swift delivery ensures customer satisfaction. 

Enjoy a competitive commission. 

Benefit from an average order value of €150. 

Our website is optimised for portable devices, ensuring a smooth experience for your audience. 


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As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn competitive commissions on every successful referral. We offer commission rates that vary from 6% to 12%, depending on the product* and on the quality of the sale. 


Are you part of an Affiliate Network? 

Yes, we work with Impact to manage our affiliate programme. 

What are the requirements to apply? 

To apply, all you need is a blog, website, or social media channel about or related to beer. Think sports, recipes, men’s lifestyle, home brewing and well... beer! 

Where do I need to apply? 

Sign up on Impact, and once registered, add yourself to our Beerwulf programme following the instructions on the Impact site. 

In which countries are you running a programme? 

Our affiliate programme is available for platforms in the UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. 

How are referrals tracked? 

Impact efficiently tracks referrals, ensuring you receive commissions for orders placed through your promotional materials. We work on a last-click model. 

Where can I find your creatives? 

Access our ready-made banners on Impact to effortlessly incorporate them into your platform. 

Are all your products commissioned? 

No. Not all our products are commissioned.  

How does your commission structure work? 

We work with different commission categories based on individual performance.  

Can I negotiate terms? 

Absolutely! Reach out, and let's discuss how we can tailor our partnership to suit your style. 

Where can I find the full terms for a partnership? 

All partnership terms and conditions are determined by the commissions agreed upon. These can be found on the Impact site.