Introducing The Sub LP 2019

Pour the perfect pint at home with THE SUBNow available at Beerwulf!

Ever wish you could pour the perfect cold pint at home? Well, now you can, with THE SUB!

THE SUB is an innovative home tap that allows you to enjoy perfectly chilled draught beer from the comfort of your couch. Whether you’re having a party or just want to enjoy your beer the way you like it, THE SUB opens up the whole world of draught beer at home.

Here at Beerwulf you can enjoy access to a wide range of TORPS - which are essentially kegs that fit 2 litres of beer inside - from all over the world. Simply load up your SUB with a TORP of your choice and enjoy fantastic beer on tap, at home. 

Check out THE SUB in action: 


THE SUB: Enjoy your beer, your way.

  • Enjoy the perfect pour at 2°C

  • Serve great beer from all over the world

  • Bring draught beer to the comfort of your home

Thirsty yet? Take a look around everything THE SUB has to offer, and prepare to experience a whole new world of perfectly poured draught beer - without so much as leaving your sitting room.