Enjoy fresh home draught pints with beer kegs from Beerwulf

Have you ever experienced the joy of pouring your own beer at home? At Beerwulf, we're passionate about bringing the pub experience to your doorstep. Imagine having the perfect pint of your favorite beer anytime you like, all at better prices!

Our beer taps and compatible kegs allow you to pour pub-quality pints in the comfort of your home, ensuring a delightful experience every time. Explore our range of beer kegs in various sizes to find the perfect fit for you.

THE SUB beer kegs at Beerwulf

Starting from £8.49
2 for -20%

BLADE beer Kegs at Beerwulf

Starting from £ 21.99

5L Draught beer Kegs at Beerwulf

Starting from £25.99

Beer kegs for sale at Beerwulf

We have three different sizes of beer keg at Beerwulf, each offering a unique pouring experience.

  • SUB Kegs: With a 2-litre capacity, these kegs provide 4 pints of draughted beer, requiring The SUB beer tap for pouring.

  • Draught Kegs: Featuring a 5-litre capacity, equivalent to 8 perfect pints, these kegs can be poured directly without additional equipment.

  • BLADE Kegs: Boasting an 8-litre capacity, these kegs deliver 14 pints per keg and require the BLADE appliance for use.

Finding the right beer keg for you

For a classic home pub setup in your kitchen with free-flowing, ice-cold beer, The SUB is ideal. Explore our 2-litre SUB Kegs for an easy introduction to crafty beers.

If you're ready to upgrade both your appliance and beer capacity, the BLADE beer tap is perfect for legendary home pub sessions. With 8 litres of beer, it's a crowd-pleaser for parties or gatherings.

Don't have a beer tap? No worries! Our compact aluminium Draught Kegs offer a nifty solution for enjoying beer at home or on-the-go, without the need for an appliance (picnic, anyone?).

Ready to revolutionise your beer experience?

If you're ready to revolutionise your beer-drinking experience at home, it's time to get yourself a beer tap! Our Beer Tap Starter Packs are perfect-pint-pouring bundles of joy including a beer tap and compatible kegs of your choice. It’s everything you need, so the second it arrives at your door, you’re ready to plug in and pour.