Looking to buy beer kegs?

Then you have come to the right place! There is nothing sweeter than draughting fresh beer from your own home. Perfect pints of your favourite beer any time you want them. 

Thanks to our beer taps and compatible kegs you can draught pub quality pints at home, time and time again.

Beer kegs for sale at Beerwulf

  • SUB Kegs - 2 litre capacity - use with The SUB
  • Draught Kegs - 5 litre capacity - use without a machine
  • BLADE Kegs - 8 litre capacity - use with BLADE

SUB Kegs

At Beerwulf we have a large selection of SUB Kegs, formerly known as TORPS, to draught with your SUB. They were developed exclusively for use with The SUB and can only be used in combination with these appliances. 

For more information and help on which keg is best for you, read our article about Beer kegs