The SUB setup

Pub quality poured pints every time!

The plug and play functionality and small footprint of The SUB enables you to make any countertop a bar. Setting up and using your SUB is simple. 

Setting up The SUB

Setting up is very simple, follow these five instructions and you’ll be pouring pints like a pro in no time. Want to see how it looks in action? Watch it in the video!

Krups SUB instructions

Krups are the manufactures of The SUB. At Beerwulf, we have all the information you could possibly need to get going. It's the easiest beer tap to fire up, no difficult installation, just plug in and you're ready to pour. 

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1. Pre-chill your SUB Kegs

Pre-chill your SUB Kegs for 6-10 hours before you want to load your beer into The SUB. This means as soon as you are ready to use The SUB your beer is chilled and you can start tapping at optimum temperature, this will reduce waiting time. The indicator on the keg will turn blue when ready.

Plug in your appliance at least an hour before desired serve time until the light turns green to get the best beer possible.

*Please note, we advise you not to put your kegs in the freezer! This could damage your keg or beer.

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2. Attach the tube

This step is very important, pay extra attention!

Remove the plastic dispensing lid from your keg. Inside you will find the connector tube.

Take this tube and insert it into the mouth of your SUB Keg. It is imperative you push hard until you hear it click into place.

Firmly check the valve to ensure it has been inserted properly and attached securely before loading your keg into The SUB. It can cause damage to the kegs and machine if this is not done correctly.

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3.  Insert the SUB Keg

Open the lid on the top of the cylindrical unit, lift the cover over the tap and insert the keg into The SUB. You want to put the bottom end into the chamber first.

Make sure to use your pre-chilled SUB Keg. You can view the full keg selection here. We have over 30 premium beers to load your SUB with.

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4. Connect the tube

Feed the SUB Keg’s tube through the pouring end of the tap head. Place the tube's spout inside the tap head and click it back into position.

There are sections to slot the parts in to place, it will become clear when you open the tap head.

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5.  Close The SUB

Close and lock the door of your SUB. The kegs should sit comfortably in the refrigerated unit, you shouldn't have to force the door. If the door does not close easily, check the keg has been inserted properly. It may not be pushed far enough into the chamber. Once the light of the appliance turns green, you can start pouring!


Want to see how it looks in action? Watch The SUB video!



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The SUB Beer Tap


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

£ 129.00 £ 99.00

Edelweiss Hefetrüb - 2L SUB Keg

German Wheat Beer | 5.3% | 2 Litres

£ 8.49

Wieckse Witte - 2L SUB Keg

White Beer | 5.0% | 2 Litres

£ 8.99

Lagunitas IPA - 2L SUB Keg

IPA | 6.2% | 2 Litres

£ 13.99

Amstel - 2L SUB Keg

Lager | 5.0% | 2 Litres

£ 8.49

Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro - 2L SUB Keg

Lager | 4.8% | 2 Litres

£ 8.99