We are very lucky to live in a time where tasty, brewery-fresh beers are never too far away. The beauty of developments in brewing technology and customs means you can now get craft beers in many forms, bottles, cans and even kegs! Hallelujah for the craft beer revolution and dynamism of contemporary brewing culture!

Craft beer and micro breweries near me 

So, let's take a look at some craft beer breweries from around the U.K. That included craft and micro breweries. We have divided the list by city or area, so check out which are near or local to you.

Craft beer London

London has its fair share of craft breweries, spanning the entirety of this British metropolis. There are even dedicated pub crawls, or “beer miles”, a mile-long beer adventure teeming with independent, artisan brewers. One of said establishments is Fourpure, a family based brewery in SE London. Two brothers, Dan and Tom, have a real passion for flavour and innovation. This is evident through their adventurous range of beers and inventive artwork. They boast a Pioneering and a Core range with a huge array of session IPAs, lagers and stouts. Their Basecamp Taproom hosts brunch, tastings and an industrial style bar.

Five Points, in the heart of Hackney brew, modern, flavoursome beers. Not only do they produce cracking beers, but they are an incredibly responsible business too. They we were the first brewery in the UK to be an accredited Living Wage Employer pay every employee the London Living Wage. All of their electricity is sourced from 100% renewable sources too. These lot are good eggs. Currently, of course it is not possible to visit, but this year Five Points got the keys to their first privately owned pub, The Pembury Tavern. As soon as you are able, we strongly suggest you pay a visit. You will find all their beers, JUPA, Pils, XPA and more!!

You’ll know Beavertown from their funky can artwork, Lupuloid, Gamma Ray and Neck Oil are particularly eye catching and memorable. Not just a pretty face though, as the saying goes, these guys are serious about brewing and have been doing so for almost a decade now. They strive to attain the highest possible quality with a meticulously considered brewing process and an unwavering commitment to freshness!

One of the newer additions to our craft beer assortment are beers from south London's Brixton Brewery. Founded in 2013, they brew handcrafted small batches in the heart of one of London's most colorful neighborhoods. Best known for their Low voltage session IPA, their assortment is characterized by hoppy bitterness, balanced by rich maltiness and finished off with punchy hop aromas and flavors. The added bonus is, their beers are also available in SUB Keg!

Shout outs to Mondo , Moncada and Crate too!

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Craft breweries UK map

Craft beer Manchester

First Chop, famed for their gluten free and vegan recipes, can be found beneath a railway arch in Manchester. This utilitarian craft brewery offers unique, hand-crafted ales and live music for everybody to enjoy. They started out making just 400 litres per month, then in 2019 they opened up the doors to their third brewhouse in Salford that is now producing 30,000 litres per week. If you’re gluten intolerant or not, you’ll love their First Chop Hop and First Chop AVA.

Winners of two awards at Salford’s Business Awards, Seven Bro7hers make a range of craft beers from IPAs to lager. They have some pretty interesting flavours, Marshmallow Stout and Watermelon Wheat Beer are among them.

Shout out to Thornbridge in Buxton too!

Craft beer Leeds

North Brewing Co, founded in 2015, are local legends of craft beer. Before North actually became a brewery, it started out with North Bar, claimed to ‘probably’ be the first craft beer bar in the UK. They influenced a new wave of modern beer and brewing. Their core range and seasonal specials encapsulate everything they stand for in beer, big juicy flavours, packed with hops. They have an uncompromising commitment to quality and demonstrate their fun and playful nature through their interesting flavour combinations. Cult classics include Sputnik and Transmission.

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Craft beer Huddersfield

Launched in 2011 by Richard Burhouse, in an old out-building of their family business, Magic Rock Brewing is the culmination of a lifelong passion for beer. They strive to make quality, flavourful, vibrant beers that they themselves love to drink as much as they enjoy serving them. Inspired by local brewing traditions and the vibrant US craft beer scene, Magic Rock produce a distinctive core range and ever-changing assortment of innovative beers. Their contemporary look and "brand feel" are every bit as magical as the taste of their beers! Try the full range, they have everything from porters, sours, pale ales to IPAs

Craft beer Bristol

Wiper and True, create “No Ordinary Beer”. Through continual experimentation and fine-tuning, they explore, harness and celebrate the fundamentals of beer; yeast, water, hops and malt. Building on good foundations, high quality ingredients and refinement, they have managed to create extraordinary beer. Especially at a time like this, simple pleasures like enjoying a good beer are ever so important. Try Kaleidoscope and Sundance

Moor live by, Drink Moor Beer. They love attention to detail, evidenced from their brand image and innovative packaging continually winning awards. Believing that fish guts have a negative impact on taste, they have removed them from all brewing and made their produce vegan friendly, meaning everyone really can Drink Moor Beer. They really are an ale lovers best friend, everything from Moor Nor'Hop Pale Ale , Moor So'Hop Pale Ale and Moor PMA Pale Ale. 

Wild Beer Co, based in the rolling hills of Somerset, brew unique beers using modern and creative techniques. From a love of fermentation, yeast and barrel-aging, Wild Beer Co beers are led by flavor. They strive to provide memorable drinking adventures and thrilling taste bud experiences. Their range of funky beers includes, Wild Beer Co Tepache, Wild Beer Co Choked UpWild Beer Co Fresh and many more.

In 2020, after years of practicing their fermentation craft, they released a range of fermented sodas. Using their skills, well developed processes and ingredients from brewing, they have built flavor, complexity and characterful sodas. They firmly say, these are not alcohol-free beers, but they do happen to have a drop of beer in them

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Craft beer Scotland


Bellfield, the UK's first dedicated gluten free brewery, pride themselves on using traditional brewing methods with non-traditional ingredients. They brew beers that everybody can enjoy. 

Ellon: Aberdeenshire

At the forefront of the craft beer revolution, BrewDog are on a mission to make everybody as passionate about good quality craft beer as they are. And, we think they are succeeding. BrewDog are based in Ellon, although now they are a multinational brewery with pubs and bars across all of Europe! Their flagship beer, Punk IPA, is recognised and loved the world over.  Their full range includes the classic styles but also some slightly more whacky variations like Clockwork Tangerine and Overworks Funk X Punk.

There are so many amazing breweries to explore, this is by no means an exhaustive list (there are now over 2000), rather a collection of some good’uns we recommend. Please try them all and find discover your own favourites!