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CRATE Brewery is one of Londons best known breweries, and our taproom is a mecca for craft beer fans from all over the world. Our home, The White Building, in Hackney Wick, is a celebration of the creativity that lies at the heart of our brand, where food, music, & art all come together in an exciting environment, fuelled by our premium range of beers.

CRATE started out in 2012 as a canal side micro brewery, bar and pizzeria. We produce a range of craft beers, from staples to limited editions, offering a CRATE approach to style, flavour and taste for every occasion. 

Crate Brewery
Our story

Our story

In 2011, Tom & Jess Seaton and Neil Hinchley had an idea: to build a brewery in a restaurant and make beers and pizzas unlike any that were available at the time, to celebrate the creativity that was originating from one of the world’s most creative places, Hackney Wick.

But it wasn’t just them. They had the creative, generous, hard working hands of the local community who helped make CRATE what it is today.

Based in one of the most creative hubs of London, there’s always something brewing at CRATE. We’re all about fresh thinking and fun doing. It’s what gives us our unmistakable flavour.

CRATE continues to invest and support local creativity today: from opening the residency studio where local artist exhibits their art, to sponsoring local galleries or events. And later this year, CRATE will ramp up significantly it’s support in the local community: partnering with award-winning chef Douglas Mcmaster to bring his celebrated zero-waste, sustainability focussed, Brighton restaurant SILO, to London.