The history of...Moncada Brewery

With a positively London spirit, founder Julio built the brewery with a truly international team, but Moncada was always meant to be a beer love letter to the neighborhood it came from.

Moncada beer

The core Moncada beer styles - blonde, pale, ruby and stout - all draw inspiration from traditional English brewing. However, all of them are influenced heavily by the international community that makes London in general, and Notting Hill in particular, such an exciting place to be. Filled with ingredients from all over the world, to satisfy diverse palates of the team and brewery’s neighbours, the core range is crowd-pleasing but not dull.

The label artwork is a further homage to Moncada Brewery’s first home. The street scene was inspired by the team’s daily walk to work. And although it’s been freshened up recently the sentiment behind is very much the same.

Moncada Brewery

Try the Notting Hill Blonde, a continental style yellow beer that blends together hops, bitterness and sweetness with just the right amount of spiciness. Or the Notting Hill Stout, a dark, velvety Oatmeal Stout with a well-defined roasted flavour. 

The Blueprint series, on the other hand, is where the brewers go rogue. Crazy ABVs? Yes, please! Wacky flavors? Can’t get enough of them. Blueprint series is where you’ll find sour beers, IPAs spiced with bucketloads of hops, big imperial stouts or the barrel aging experiments. The Blueprint artwork is also much less grounded. Bold colors, abstract shapes; they’re taking you on a sensory journey where the sky is the limit for the creativity.

Moncada Brewery: made by hand

"We’re different from the massive breweries. We’re incredibly passionate about what we do," says Julio. "When we wake up in the morning all we want to do is brew a good beer. So, we come to work, and we do just that. We don’t just come up with a formula, set the machines and then press a few buttons. Every beer brewed here at Moncada comes straight from our heart. Each and every beer is made by hand and brewed to taste. And that makes people happy."