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The ultimate way to count down to Christmas!

Join the festive fun with a Beerwulf Advent Calendar, 24 extra special beers from 24 unique brewers. Get your daily dose of Christmas cheer when you open each door and reveal a new surprise beer. A Christmas treat for every day of Advent!

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FREE fast delivery

FREE fast delivery

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Exclusive, new and updated beers

Exclusive, new and updated beers

You spoke, we listened
24 beers from 24 brewers

24 beers from 24 brewers

+12 styles from all over the world
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Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2021

What is the Beerwulf Advent Calendar? Only the best way to count down to Christmas. For every day of Advent, unbox a new surprise beer. Yes, that means it's jam-packed with 24 unique beers from 24 different brewers.

We have always been very proud of our calendars; they look smashing and have some pretty decent beers in. That being said, we are especially pleased about this one. Yes, you might say we are biased, but honestly this is the best one yet. Behind the scenes we have been working on this all year, taking all your feedback onboard and listening to exactly what you want.  We have secured some spectacular exclusives and jaw-dropping collabs. You’ll hit the jackpot with some special beers you've never heard of, and you'll be treated to some classic well-known crafts too. The beers represent 24 brilliant brewers, showcasing a kaleidoscopic range of styles (over 12, but we don't like to brag) from all over the globe.

We like to keep our cards close to our chest, the surprise unboxing each day is half the fun. However, if you're desperate to see, soon we will allow a little sneak preview. But only because we are already full of festive cheer.

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Beerwulf Beer Advent Calendar FAQ

Everything you need to know!

When will the Beerwulf Advent Calendar be available?

Our calendar is ready and waiting for you! Or, if you're feeling extra generous and full of Christmas cheer (yes we know it's early) then why not sent one to your favourite beer lover?!

What’s so great about the Beerwulf Advent Calendar?

The best beer advent calendar!

Very glad you asked! We are super excited about this year’s calendar. We always love them but this year we have some beers we can’t wait for you to unbox. Lots of exclusive and special brews. They’ll be lots you haven’t heard of, and appearances from classic well-known crafts. We are representing many different brewing countries, through more than 12 styles and 24 brewers. It’s a really special case of beers and the best calendar we have ever curated!


What beers can I expect in the Advent Calendar?

There will be 24 beers from well known and talented brewers, all of them will be different from last year. So, 24 newbies for you to try. There will be some classic beers, some seasonals and some Beerwulf exclusives. Not knowing exactly is part of the fun!

Is the order of the beers always the same?

Our Advent Calendar has been created to offer a fun and exciting beer surprise every day. Every pack has the same beers in with the same order, but we like to keep what they are a secret. You'll have to wait and see!

Is the Beerwulf Advent Calendar packed?

The Advent Calendar is delivered as you see it in the pictures. There is no additional packaging around it. This is better for the environment and we believe the box is beautiful as it is!

What are the dimensions of the case?

The dimensions of the box are 508 x 370 x 275 mm 

When will I receive the case?

We offer FREE next day delivery. We can also deliver on a scheduled day of your choosing, for up to two weeks. Just select the desired day at the delivery options section of the check out. You will be given frequent updates on the status of your delivery too!

Can I fit the box in the fridge?

We actually suggest keeping the box out of the fridge. Each day when you open the door and find the new beery surprise you can pop it in the fridge to chill until you are ready for it!

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