This year's Beerwulf Advent Calendar

The most wonderful time of the year is now even more wonderful - with our Advent Calendar Beer Case! Perfect for anyone who wants to treat themselves or others to a selection of beers from all over the world as part of their countdown to Christmas. Get your daily dose of Christmas cheer when you open each door and reveal a new surprise beer. Our beer experts have curated this year's selection to include festive favourites, exclusive releases and much more! So go on, give a bit of beery love this Christmas with Beerwulf - Father Christmas will be sure to notice!
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The Beerwulf Advent Calendar has arrived!

As is the tradition at Beerwulf, we create our beery advent calendar every year for you to enjoy. And like every year, our teams are working hard to offer you the best possible selection in a great-looking box. And this year, we are very proud of the result!

As you can see, this year's beautifully packed box will look great at the bottom of your Christmas tree, any mantlepiece or as a spectacular early Christmas gift

Of course, the proof is in the (Christmas) pudding so our sourcing team has scoured the beery world for the best treats for you to enjoy. In total, you will find 24 beers from 24 different brewers, covering a range of beer styles as well as new and exclusive beers brewed especially for the occasion. In addition, the order of the beers has been carefully considered by our in-house experts so that you will be taken on a beer journey like no other!

So, if you like surprises, discovering new beers or giving incredible gifts, take a look at our Advent Calendar - and Merry Christmas!

FREE fast delivery
FREE fast delivery
On day of your choosing
Expertly curated beer
Expertly curated beer
A wide range of styles, ordered for the perfect beer tasting journey
24 beers from 24 brewers
24 beers from 24 brewers
With your favourites and exclusive brews!

Answer all your questions with our Advent Calendar FAQ

What's so great about the Beerwulf Advent Calendar?

If you aren't tempted yet, here's a quick reminder of why we are so excited to be offering this calendar this year. Our Advent calendar already stands out with its beautiful design that will add a beery festive decoration to your home. A total of 24 beers from 24 different brewers will be yours, including many styles chosen by our experts to give you the perfect tasting experience. You will even find exclusive beers, brewed especially for the occasion! What's not to love?

What beers can I expect?

There will be 24 beers from well-known and talented brewers, all different from previous years. Classic beers, seasonal beers and Beerwulf exclusives. We think that not knowing exactly what will be behind each door is part of the fun!

However, if you really cannot wait or are pickier about your beer, you can find out what they are here.

Is the order of the beers always the same?

Yes, our experts have carefully chosen the beers in the box and their order to give you the best tasting experience possible. Each box, therefore, contains the same beers in the same order. So why not open it with a friend and enjoy your calendars together? Beer tasting, here we come! 

How can I find out about possible allergens in the Advent Calendar?

If you have allergies and often find your beer choices restricted for that reason, we recommend that you go to our page presenting the complete list of beers in the box. This way, you will be able to know in advance which beers have certain allergens on this page. 

What is the expiry date on the beers?

If you don't want to drink the beers from our Advent Calendar according to the days, it is of course always possible to save them for later! Most of the beers in the box have an expiration date of several months after December 24. However, the expiry date is always written on each bottle/can, so make sure to double-check on the beers themselves.

Is the Advent Calendar gift-wrapped?

The calendar is delivered in an additional box so the Advent Calendar will be kept in pristine condition no matter what weather Father Christmas sends! It does however say that it is an Advent Calendar on the side of the box so you'll be able to spot it amongst other deliveries.

What are the dimensions of the case?

In order to preserve the contents of the beer case (and its precious cargo), we will be shipping the beer case in an additional box. The dimensions of the shipping box are 50.9 x 45.7 x 27.5 cm, and the Advent Calendar itself is 48.9 x 43 x 27 cm.

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