Ok we can reveal 3 beers as a little teaser, to whet your appetite and give you a little taste of what is to come. We are only doing it though because we are super hyped about this one. In fact, over half of them are either new or exclusive. We usually like to keep things secret but we just can't wait until December to talk about it!

So here are just 3 of the exclusives you can expect this year...

  1. Kompaan - Thunderwolf
  2. Steamworks - Halo Blond Lager
  3. Rouget de Lisle - Bleu Métal Spirit

View the full contents...Only if you're really really sure!

Beer Advent Calendar Contents

In no particular order...we want to keep some things a surprise!

  • Fourpure - Hazy IPA
  • Wild Beer Co - Kazbak Kodiak
  • Magic Rock - Magic Rapturouse
  • Seven Brothers - Passionfruit Pale
  • Bellfield Halcyon Days Porter
  • Brixton Defiance Pale Ale
  • Two Chefs Brewing -White Mamba
  • Stone Brewing - Delicious IPA
  • Jopen - The Beat Gose On
  • Kompaan - Thunderwolf
  • Frontaal - Smoked Lager
  • ÜberQuell - Palim Palim Pale Ale
  • Vagabund - Call it a day
  • Steamworkw - Halo Hazy IPA
  • Rouget de Lisle - Bleu metal
  • La Debauche - Creepy Kid
  • La Choulette - Blanche de Cambrai
  • Mont Blanc - Sylvanus Blonde
  • Nord Bliss - Brussels Beer Project
  • Charbon Special - Dochter Van de Korenaar
  • De Brabandere Brewery - DanGerousse
  • Malheur 6
  • Birrificio Del ducato - Via emilia
  • Toccalmato - Stria