If you really want to, we've listed the beers in our calendar below. We are very proud of our assortment this year!

However, if you want to keep the surprise, it's not too late to go back...


1. La Débauche - Cool Jazz


We are kicking off the calendar with an American Style IPA full of flavours. You will smell the delicate aromas of the hops and the delicate balance of the fruity and herbal notes will remind you of a smooth jazz melody. Beer is amazing, right?

ALLERGENS: Barley Malt, wheat, oats

450x450 (1).jpg

2. Bellfield - Old Town Altbier


This dark copper beer is a combination of ale and lager brewing techniques. The hybrid style balances subtle chocolate and coffee flavours from German malts, with the tangerine, spicy and floral hop flavours.

ALLERGENS: Barley Malt


3. Dois Corvos - Finisterra


Of course, Christmas time is Porter season! This Imperial Porter is brewed with roasted malts so you'll taste flavours such as coffee, dark chocolate and liquorice in the beer. 

ALLERGENS: Barley Malt


4. Toccalmatto Ambrosia - Citrus Wheat Ale


This Belgian-style Wheat Ale is light and thirst-quenching, produced by combining barley with wheat: the result is a light and opalescent colour typical of the style. With hints of coriander and citrus notes, this beer will be a truly refreshing experience.

ALLERGENS: Barley malt, wheat, oats

Tripel Trap.png

5. Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen - Tripel Trap


This tripel is packed full of the same spices used to create gingerbread, so what could be more festive? Moreish, rich and delightful - enjoy this exclusive beer to warm you up inside when it's cold outside!

ALLERGENS: Cereals (barley malt)

Alma Boemia_Picture2.png

6. Brussels Beer Project - Alma Boemia


Winter doesn't have to be all heavy flavours so on Day 6, we are adding in a throwback to summer. This Sour Beer has a tangy mango and lime kick to remind you of the sunshine!

ALLERGENS: Cereals and fruits (mango and lime)


7. Vagabund - My Saddle, My Pony & Me


Saddle up, you’re in for a ride. This American Pale Ale has a robust malty backbone which compliments the addition of orange blossom aromas.

ALLERGENS: Barley Malt

8. Fort Lapin - Dubbel


Fort Lapin Dubbel is a rich Dubbel brewed in Belgium. You will immediately sense the key ingredients of rye bread and sweet caramel, so is perfect for enjoying with a stew or your favourite dessert.

ALLERGENS: Gluten, wheat



9. Birra Flea - Costanza Blonde Ale


Day 9 is a pure malt ale, brewed with 100% barley malt. Instead of adding additional flavourings, Birra Flea are letting the malt speak for itself - and boy, does it perform. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and top-fermented with a second fermentation in the bottle, you aren't going to get a more classic brew anywhere else. 

ALLERGENS: Barley Malt

Pomegranate IPA Render copy.png

10. Fourpure - Pomegranate Pale Ale


This one is for the IPA lovers - from one of our favourite English brewers, this modern IPA has all the tropical fruit flavours with the refreshing notes of pomegranate to top it off. 

ALLERGENS: Barley, wheat, oats


11. Kirin Ichiban - Premium Beer


A light and finely spiced pilsner which is very thirst-quenching and easy to drink, with a characteristically dry aftertaste. Make sure to put this beer in the fridge asap to get the best ice-cold results. 



12. Founders - All Day IPA


This all-day IPA is naturally brewed with a complex array of malts, grains and hops. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish. The perfect reward for an honest day’s work and the ultimate companion to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.

ALLERGENS: Cereals (Barley Malt)

Uncharted brewing_Picture.png

13. The Uncharted - Thirsty Hippo


An Amber Ale brewed with coriander seeds and Belgian yeast, giving an exciting burst of citrus and pepperiness. With additional notes of dried fruit, brown sugar, orange peel and coriander, this beer is the best of the autumn season!

Best served at 10-12°C.

Saison+Dupont+33+cl (1).png

14. Dupont - Saison Dupont


Brewed since 1844, this classic Belgian seasonal ale was designed to quench the thirst of seasonal farm workers. This blonde ale has fragrances of grapefruit and cloves, which balance to create a unique drinking experience.


Brewgooder - Twisted IPA.jpeg

15. Brewgooder - Twisted IPA


A 4.8% piney and punchy IPA with chinook and centennial hops, this beer is all about dinner time - make sure to pair it with something with citrus notes and it will go down a treat!

ALLERGENS: Barley, Wheat


16. Lowlander - Islander Tropical


With a low ABV of 3.8%, this beer is botanically brewed with Curaçao oranges & dragonfruit so is all about the flavour! It is bound to be a fruity treat to bring some light to the grey December days.

ALLERGENS: Cereals containing gluten, yeast

Raspberry stout.png

17. Wasted Degrees - Raspberry Stout


Ever wondered what a raspberry chocolate beer would taste like? The wait is over! This stout combines the best of both worlds - the tartness of the raspberry blends with the chocolate to create a festive stout. 

ALLERGENS: Barley, oats, wheat


18. To Øl - Gose To Hollywood


A lightly salted and tart Gose (a fruity, sour beer style) brewed with the best fruits California has to offer. Best drunk on hot summer days or on the red carpet.

ALLERGENS: Malted barley, Wheat


19. Lefebvre - Blanche de Bruxelles


Brewed using 40% soft wheat, Blanche de Bruxelles has a naturally opalescent colour with a very white, dense head. This light and well-balanced white beer is very fresh, with notes of coriander and orange. 

ALLERGENS: Barley malt, wheat malt

Midnight Hour Can.png

20. Brixton - Midnight Hour Black Lager


The Midnight Hour Black Lager is full of deep and complex flavour. They've brewed a richly toasted and refreshing beer that’s best enjoyed after the sun’s gone down. A perfect addition to your next midnight feast!



21. Tanker - Sauna Session


This beer is crammed full of natural ingredients and is brewed with this is mind. Brewed with real Estonian birch leaves, Sauna Session is a smooth beer with an intriguing, refreshing aroma and a pleasant malty finish.

ALLERGENS: Barley malt, wheat malt


22. Wilderen - Wilderen Goud


Wilderen Goud is a blond, easily accessible and young top fermentation beer of 6.2% ABV. It is a perfect alternative to a thirst-quenching lager or a light abbey beer. 

ALLERGENS: Barley Malt


23. Jopen - Witte Kerst


Jopen Witte Kerst is an amber-coloured Christmas beer - perfect for getting into that Christmas mood with its delicious fruity aromas and a complex taste of citrus with a slightly bitter undertone


Kees - Here's a joilly Holiday.png

24. Kees - Here's To a Jolly Holiday


To end the calendar, the team at Kees brewery will wish you a Jolly Holiday season with their barley wine. Not for the faint-hearted, this malty and slightly caramelized barley wine is brewed with coconut and so will go down a treat. Cheers!