No matter what you’ve got planned for your New Year ’s Eve celebrations, chances are it’ll involve popping open a bottle of champagne as the clock strikes midnight. Of course, it’s an age-old tradition, but how about trying something different this time around? There’s another equally special, and bubbly, alternative for bringing in the New Year. You got it — beer. Here, get the complete lowdown on choosing the best New Year’s Eve beer, from seasonal delights to all-time classics and top-notch champagne beer.  

First, let’s debunk some common myths and misconceptions surrounding beer and New Year’s Eve.  


Myth #1: beer isn’t special for New Year’s Eve celebrations 

Respectfully, we disagree. The amount of small, independent establishments and breweries out there prioritise quality, flavour, and innovation, making beer a unique and memorable choice for any celebration. What’s more, with a nice bottle of barley wine, imperial stout or champagne beer, you can still find that festive ‘pop’ essential for any New Year’s Eve bash. 


Myth #2: beer doesn’t pair well with food 

From hoppy IPAs to crisp pilsners, amber ales and chocolatey stouts, beer comes in a huge spectrum of flavours. You can find the right beers to complement any New Year’s Eve menu, not just your classic pub snacks 

A glass of Dark Arts Surreal Stout, for example, can really enhance the rich, charred flavours of a grilled porterhouse steak. Follow that with a German wheat beer, like the fruity Paulaner Weissbier, paired with a selection of cheeses to switch things up before dessert (check out our article on beer and cheese to learn more about this match made in heaven). And finally. To top it all off. A delicious Biramisu

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Myth #3: beer isn’t sophisticated 

An integral part of the gastronomic world, beer is represented in highly regarded restaurants around the world. There are even Michelin starred restaurants offering beer pairings on their menus. If it’s aesthetics you’re worried about, that’s no issue either. Beer, especially champagne beer and blonde beer, can be enjoyed from a flute.  

Beer cocktails are another great option. One of the most well-known, the Black Velvet, is made with stout and sparkling wine.    


What is the best New Year’s Eve beer? 

So, are you ready to swap the bubbly for beer this New Year’s Eve? Let’s take a look at some of the best New Year’s Eve beer and New Year’s Eve beer brands to make it a beery celebration to remember.

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Blondes & Belgian beers 

Most Belgian brews are known for their centuries-old brewing traditions, bringing a touch of artistry to your New Year’s Eve party. They offer a diverse range of tastes, from the rich and complex to the crisp and bubbly. Our top picks include the iconic Delirium Tremens and La Chouffe Blonde D’Ardenne for The SUB, although you can also choose stronger Belgian quadrupels or Trappist brews. Either way, put some New Year’s Eve beer brands from Belgium at centre stage for a uniquely special drinking experience.  


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These born crowd-pleasers are known for their robust hoppy profiles and aromatic complexity, bringing a burst of flavour to your New Year’s Eve celebrations. While bubbles are few and far between in this style of beer, they’re super versatile and pair beautifully with any snack or dinner menu.  

You can find plenty of New Year’s Eve beer brands among our selection of IPA kegs. If you’re looking to end the year with a real bang, you can’t go wrong with the strong notes of citrus, fresh herbs and pine found in Gallia West IPA. 


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Champagne beer  

Also known as "sparkling beer" or "bière de champagne,” champagne beer is a unique style of beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle, similar to the traditional method used in champagne production. This method involves adding additional yeast and sugar to the beer before sealing it in the bottle, which allows carbonation to naturally develop over time. The result? Lots of lively bubbles.  

The complexity, aroma and sparkling nature of champagne beer makes its perfect for toasting during New Year's Eve.  

More of the best New Year’s Eve beers

Other New Year's Eve beer styles to explore include:

  • Stouts: dark and luxurious, stouts offer a velvety texture and flavours ranging from coffee and chocolate to imperial and oatmeal variations. 
  • Sours: beers like Berliner Weisse, Goses, and Fruited Sours provide a refreshing, unique and tangy twist to your New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  • Barleywines: for those seeking a robust and higher-alcohol option, barleywines boast malt-forward profiles with notes of caramel, toffee, and dark fruits. 
  • Craft Lager: crisp and clean, craft lagers provide a lighter alternative. Opt for Pilsners, Helles, or Vienna lagers for easy-drinking refreshment. 

As the countdown to another New Year begins, it’s time to break away from the conventional and explore some of the best New Year’s Eve beers and New Year’s Eve beer brands out there. From the festive 'pop' of champagne found in champagne beer, barley wines and imperial stouts, to the diverse flavours of hoppy IPAs, crisp pilsners, and rich stouts, beer is bound to take your New Year’s Eve celebrations to the next level.