End of year celebrations always call for elaborate meals and ever-flowing drinks. But if you're not that into champagne, are there alternative options out there to say 'cheers' with at midnight?

Need convincing? Let’s try and bust some of the main myths that might keep you from choosing beer this festive season...

Myth #1: Beer isn’t a party drink...

Wrong! Why ever not? It’s full of surprises and packed with flavour! What’s more, with fizzy beer you still get the excitement required for end-of-year celebrations. Some beer bottles even go “pop” like a bottle of fizzy wine if it’s the theatrical aspect you’re after.

Myth #2: Beer doesn’t pair well with food...

Not true at all! Beer comes in a huge spectrum of flavours. You can choose beers to complement the level of subtlety or spice of a dish, and the possible flavour combinations are endless. The right beer will perfectly accompany any holiday menu, think Beer and Cheese, Biramisu and pub snacks!

Myth #3: Beer isn’t sophisticated …

Beer is an integral part of the gastronomic world. More and more, it is represented in highly regarded restaurants: there are even restaurants specialising in beer that are quoted in the Michelin guide. You can get beer pairings with taster menus! 

And if it’s aesthetics you’re worried about, that’s no issue either. Beer, just like champagne, can be enjoyed in a flute. Mostly commonly this is for pils, but especially lambic/geuze and lagers would work too! And were you aware of beer cocktails? Black Velvet, for example, a cocktail made with stout and sparkling wine feels super fancy and can be served in a flute. There are also many other elegant glasses available, depending on the style of beer you’re drinking.

So, forget the champers this year and get festive with beer instead! These are all sparkling and tasty, to be enjoyed with family or friends during the festive celebrations.

Beers for cheers 

So, if you're not a champagne drinker, don't force it! Celebrate with beers this festive season. Below are a few examples, but to be honest, if you're drinking beer, you can't go too far wrong!

Belgian beers

Belgian beers feel very celebratory, so pick any of our Belgian cases for a great selection of party drinks. As just one example, St. Feuillien Grand Cru, found in the Belgian Beer Tasting Case, is a great beer to cheers with! In the world of wine, "Grand Cru" stands for excellent wines. In the world of beer, it's a gold standard for the brewer's most excellent beer. This beer is a strong blond, sparkling in character, slightly fruity and dry. It's a festive beer that reminds us of champagne, but with just as much taste as those beautiful strong blond beers for which Belgium is so famous!  

Abbey and Trappist

With abbey and trappist beers you are guaranteed authentic and prestigious quality. Shrouded in history and tradition, these beers are memorable for sure. Commonly blonds and dark beers, these robust but sweet brews are best enjoyed from a goblet. And nothing feels more special than that!


Geuze are a blend of different lambics (spontaneously fermented beer). The result is a complex, dry beer, clearly sour with fruity tones. It is bubbling like champagne and is contained in a similar bottle, in order to withstand the high pressure that is created during secondary fermentation.

Fruit beer

Rosé Champagne is not the purest form of the almost canonized French wine, but it does look festive. Do you want something sweet and sour, festive red and pink and bursting with fruit? Then try a fruit beer, something with raspberries or cherries feels right for the festive season. 

Award winners

There's no finer way to say cheers than with an award winning beer, with expert seal of approval. They're the best of the best!

Enjoy, and here's to a cheery beery 2022!

Blonds and Belgians for cheers-ing


Blond Beer | 6.7% | 2 Litres

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Blond Beer | 8.5% | 2 Litres

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Blond Beer | 8.0% | 2 Litres

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