Mother’s Day presents ideas

Star City, a very cool new Double IPA from Fourpure is the perfect way to cheers your mama! This collaboration with the aptly named Mothership is an exciting new brew inspired by Helen Sharman, the first Brit in space. This adventurous IPA is an ode to pioneering women everywhere. We think sipping a beer called Mothership is an exceptionally good idea for Mother’s Day.

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Unique gifts for Mother’s Day

And that's not all. Are you looking for a thoughtful present that’s both unique and meaningful but guaranteed to put a smile on your mother’s face?! Then along with Star City, we recommend filling a case of beer with any 16 of the suggestions below.

The women of Beerwulf love beers and have never been shy to shout about it. So, to celebrate empowered women, for Mother’s Day we’ve asked a few of them to share their favourites, because what's better than asking women who work with beer every day?

Personalised Mother's Day gifts

Curate a case specially for your mum! You will find all the beers mentioned in this article in the Beerwulf web shop. You can also add some of your own! And remember, if you order any combination of 16 beers, you’ll get free delivery!

#1 Brouwerij 't IJ IJwit


Vicky: When I first moved from London to Amsterdam, I had no clue what the "Ij" was, and I certainly hadn't heard of this brewery inside an old windmill. IJwit is a beautiful golden Dutch wheat beer - it reminds me of summer afternoons under the trees in Vondelpark and dark December evenings sharing bitterballen at a brown cafe. It's refreshing and crisp, with a sweet aftertaste that draws you back in for more.

#2 Fourpure Juicebox Citrus IPA

Nina Klotz

Anaïs: Beers with a distinct character often score highest with me. Think IPAs with a lot of hop aromas or really sour beers. One of my all-time favourites would be Fourpure Juicebox Citrus IPA. The name says it all, it's almost like drinking OJ. Juicy, fruity but with a little bit of a hoppy kick. Definitely recommended if you want to try something new!

#3 Tripel Karmeliet 


MéganeTripel Karmeliet, this strong Belgian beer is my first love (in terms of beer). It's the perfect tasty beer for winter to eat with a vegetarian burger or simply at a bar with friends... a hoppy spiciness with notes of banana...delicious.

#4 Saison Dupont

Nina Klotz

Jennifer: I was never really into this style before, but when I tried it recently with a piece of fresh goat’s cheese at a food pairing session I was sold. Ever since that moment, Saison Dupont has become one of my favourites (preferably with a piece of cheese of course). Don’t let the funky smell distract you from trying this beer!

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#5 Oedipus Gaia IPA


Phoebe: It has to be Oedipus Gaia IPA. Don’t be fooled by its pretty bottle, there’s no messin’ around, this IPA packs a punch. And, apart from the fact it looks really cool, it’s a taste sensation. It’s fruity, it’s strong and pretty intense.  It was one of the first new beers I tried in the summer I moved to Amsterdam and I still remember it like it was yesterday!

#6 Steamworks Flagship IPA


Nicole: I discovered Steamworks Flagship IPA on vacation in Canada. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try it at the time, but I have since. I actually drank it for the very first time at a beer tasting in the Beerwulf Office and was instantly a big fan. I especially like fruity IPAs and the Steamworks Flagship IPA never disapoints.

#7 Tripel Grimbergen


Diantha: Okay, apparently, I love strong beers and Tripel Grimbergen is right up there. I think it’s the cold and rainy weather (in The Netherlands) which has been influencing my beer preference at the moment. When I go to one of my favourite pubs in Utrecht I always try to get a spot on the couch next to the fireplace. For me, a perfect Saturday afternoon is sitting in my favourite spot, by the fire whilst drinking this golden, slightly hazy beer. Glorious!

#8 Mort Subite Geuze Lambic


LucileIt wasn’t until very recently that I first tried this delicious Mort Subite Geuze Lambic by Belgian brewer Alken-Maes, and it instantly became a new favourite! If you’re like me and love sour beers, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. It’s a Gueuze-style beer with a mixture of old and young lambics for a perfect balance of sourness and sweet fruity notes. Extra fresh and perfect for relaxing at the end of the day!

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#9 Bevog Deetz Kolsch


Anja:  I absolutely love Bevog Deetz Kolsch, for a few reasons actually. It is very refreshing, and I think it’s hard not to enjoy it's pleasantly fruity and hoppy aromas. Secondly, it really reminds me of home! Thirdly, I like the creative, passionate and experimentative nature of the brewery. I am not the only one, this is all confirmed by the multiple awards Bevog have won. 

#10 Pauwel Kwak


Lorena: Pauwel Kwak was one of the first beers I ever tried, and I fell in love with it right away. I like the amber colour and the sweet aromas of malt, caramel and the spicy aftertaste. I know it sounds a bit cliché, but I'm not going to lie: I love the beer glass that goes with it! I even had one myself until recently when my brother took it from me!

#11 BrewDog Punk IPA


Tereza: My favourite beer is BrewDog Punk IPA. I love this beer simply because I love its fruity taste! I will be completely honest and say I also take an interest in how the bottle looks, and I think this design is especially cool!

#12 Delirium Tremens

Nina Klotz

Natalia: I like strong, Belgian Blonds with a complex fruity flavour like Delirium Tremens. It's slightly malty, the alcohol gives it a nice warming sensation and it's got an added touch of spiciness. 

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#13 Peroni Nastro Azzurro


Elisa: My favourite is Peroni Nastro Azzurro. Well, I am Italian, so this is a beer which reminds me of my home country, also it is related to many memories. So, for sure the first reason is more sentimental.

I like this beer because it is made with Italian Mais, you can even smell this "mais" aroma. It's a very light lager, so is easily drinkable, it goes very well with food, the perfect match with Pizza. Also, it is perfect to drink on a very hot day at the beach because it is so light and refreshing.

#14 Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin'


Bing: West coast IPA is my all-time favourite among all, and Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ from Lagunitas hits the spot. It is the right balance for me: a bit sweet but not too much, easy-going and smooth. Also it’s a very girly thing but I really like the packaging!

# 15 Affligem Tripel


Levi: The Affligem Tripel is definitely one of my favourite beers. I prefer to drink this beer when I'm winding down. It is a strong, sweet Tripel that melts in the mouth, so to speak. Of course, you should not drink too much of this beer, at 9% it's best enjoyed in moderation!

#16 Lindemans Kriek


Ania: One of my favourite beers is Lindemans Kriek - a Belgian lambic beer. I especially love it for its refreshing taste and perfect balance of sweet and sour. The deep red cherry colour and the dynamic aroma make it a real crowd pleaser.  Many of my friends who actually rarely drink beer like this beer too!

We present Star City, the Fourpure Double IPA brewed in collaboration with Mothership! It has fruity aromas with notes of mango, stone fruit and a hint of citrus. It starts a bit sweet, following by resinous and piny flavours from the hops. The finish is fairly dry with a firm grapefruit-like bitterness. As adventuorus as the woman it seeks to honour! 

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