While the Easter egg hunts of our childhood may be behind us, Easter is an excellent opportunity to indulge in lighter beers as fresh as the spring season. It's also the perfect time to showcase your home draft setup and gather the family for a proper celebration.

In this article, we'll guide you through a selection of top-quality beers, perfect for sharing with friends and family, along with expert tips on pairing them with delectable Easter treats.

What is Easter beer?

Easter beer is a seasonal delight crafted for the spring, holding a touch more ‘festive spirit’ than your regular brew. The higher alcohol content of Easter beers, legend has it, comes from German monks gearing up for their Easter fasts. They would indulge in thicker, stronger, heartier brews to help them make it through the 40 days of lent. Yet, the potency of this beer raised eyebrows. In 1385, the giving of Easter beer was banned in parts of modern-day Germany. Authorities deemed it a security risk, suspecting that drunken gatekeepers and lookouts might not be the most reliable.

Nowadays, Easter beer is not a specific style but rather a beer chosen to complement the festive atmosphere and diverse flavours associated with Easter celebrations.

What beers are best for Easter?

Easter, with its festive spirit, tasty food offerings and warmer weather, is a great time to enjoy a variety of beers. Of course, the best beer to enjoy at Easter depends on your personal preferences and the flavours of your Easter feast. Although, there are a few in particular that we can’t help but recommend:

Wheat beers: fresh, crisp and cloudy with a smooth malt profile.

IPAs: a great choice for Easter celebrations as while still packed with flavour, IPAs will sit lighter on the stomach than other types of brews.

Saison Dupont: a fruity, spicy Saison Dupont is a seasonal farmhouse classic.  

Floral ales: beers with floral notes match the freshness of spring and are a delightful choice for Easter.

Sour beers: these beers bring a burst of fruitiness, pairing excellently with Easter desserts.

Cider: ciders come in a range of styles, from sweet to dry, and can even feature fruity or spiced notes.

Radler: a delicious low-alcohol option with a touch of fresh fruit.

Figuring out the right amount of drinks when hosting can be a challenge. Find out how many pints are in a litre with our helpful guide.


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Roast Chicken 

If you’re a fan of roast chicken with all the trimmings, you can’t go wrong with a traditional German lager. They’re not only light and easy to drink but have a small amount of sweetness that compliments the sweet notes of roast chicken. A hint of hops pairs perfectly with the savoury seasoning. 


Roast Beef 

A golden rule for pairing beer with meat is; the darker the meat, the darker the beer and this combination proves it. For rich beef, a stout or porter ale is exactly what’s needed to balance out the tastebuds and bring out the best of both.


Roast Pork 

If crackling is your favourite, you'll want something refreshing to cut through the intensely fatty flavours. A refreshing apple cider beer style is the way to go. After all, the combination of apple and pork is as old as time, so embrace it! 

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Do chocolate and beer go together?

Of course! Chocolate eggs are a quintessential part of Easter, so pairing beer and chocolate simply cannot be ignored. Discover everything you need to know about chocolate and beer and check out our in-house beer sommelier’s top pairing recommendations.

Are there low alcohol Easter beers?

For those looking for a lighter Easter beer, a session IPA or Radler are your go-to options. You can stock up from our selection of low and no alcohol brews below.


Easter offers a perfect moment to embrace the lighter side of beers, reflecting the freshness of the spring season. Beyond the festive egg hunts, it's an ideal time to spotlight your home draft setup and let the good times flow with friends & family.