Easter & Beer: How to Celebrate

While some of us might have grown out of the easter egg hunt, Easter is a great time to introduce some of the lighter beers you might have been missing during the winter months – as well as invite the family round to show off your great home draft! Make the most of the bank holiday (and maybe even some spring sunshine) with our spring beer recommendations.  

In this article we hope to share with you some top-quality beers that you can share with others, and how best to pair them with the moreish food you might be having this year. 

Light and fresh beer cases

As the weather (hopefully) becomes brighter, so should your beers! IPAs are a great choice for this season as while still packed with flavour, they will sit lighter on the stomach than another type of brew. They also, due to the hoppy flavour, go very well with roast lamb so if you are getting out your oven gloves for a roast, this would be a great choice.  

If you are having guests round, it is definitely a good time to grab a case so everyone has something they enjoy (and might even find a new favourite)! We have a variety of packs which will have something for everyone that will suit the season too. 

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Light and fresh beers on tap

For those of you with a beer tap, you have many options to impress as we have a variety of beers for you to enjoy in the sunshine or that will at least bring a bit of sunshine regardless. For those looking for a refreshing, low alcohol option, Radlers are the perfect thing for a warm spring day. A cider or two is also never a sore sight in spring, and if you are serving a fruity dessert will go down well!

Calculating how many drinks you'll need to have if hosting is always a challenge, make sure to check how many pints you get per keg here!

Cider & Radler Galore!

Cider | 4.5% | 8 Litres

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Do chocolate and beer go together? Of course!

Chocolate eggs are a quintessential part of a British easter, and so the pairing of beer and chocolate cannot be ignored successfully. Luckily, with some brews, it is a match made in heaven! We covered the topic extensively for Chocolate Day 2021 and even got our in-house beer sommelier to taste-test some recommendations for you! Check that out here. 


Roast Chicken 

If you are a fan of having a roast chicken with all the trimmings, you won’t go wrong with a German Lager. This is because not only because they are light and easy to drink but have a small amount of sweetness that highlights the sweet notes of roast chicken, while the hoppy notes complement the savoury seasoning. Delicious! 


Roast Beef 

A golden rule for pairing beer with meat is; the darker the meat, the darker the beer and this combination proves it. For rich beef, a stout or porter ale is what is needed to balance out the tastebuds and bring out the best in both. Some of our beer cases & brewery packs contain stouts, so give them a whirl!


Roast Pork 

If crackling is your favourite, you'll want something refreshing to cut through the intensely fatty flavours. A refreshing apple cider is the way to go – the combination of apple and pork is as old as time, so embrace it! 

Lager | 5.2% | 2 Litres

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Lager | 5.2% | 2 Litres

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Lager | 5.2% | 2 Litres

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Lager | 5.5% | 8 Litres

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Lager | 5.0% | 8 Litres

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Lager | 5.4% | 2 Litres

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Lager | 5.1% | 8 Litres

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Lager | 5.2% | 8 Litres

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Lager | 5.2% | 8 Litres

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Lager | 4.8% | 2 Litres

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Lager | 5.2% | 8 Litres

£ 37.99

Lager | 5.4% | 8 Litres

£ 37.99

Lager | 2.0% | 2 Litres

£ 8.99