Sunshine, rising temperatures and longer days call for fresh beers, and there’s nothing better than discovering your newest favourite surrounded by an amazing festival atmosphere. Remember festivals?! They feel like a distant memory, don’t they?!

We are hoping that by summer 2021 we will be able to attend beer festivals again. Like the amazing events of 2019 held in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Belfast to name just a few.

However, we have to be cautious, we have no idea what the next year has in store for us just yet. We understand the excitement and yearning for fun things to look forward to. We suggest you keep checking back on this page, as soon as we have confirmation or any news, we will update it.

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In the meantime...

Some lockdown measures are lifting soon! As I’m sure you know (we are all literally counting down the days), as of 12th April, venues will be allowed to serve people outdoors. So, that means finding a boozer with a good pub garden, and luckily for you, we have created this list of London's finest. Find out here!