Beer and sports are one of life's simple pleasures. For some, pouring a cold one for the game is ritualistic, others a treat and for the excitable types, a way of warming up. Some will use an early kick off as an excuse to start drinking beer, and who are we to judge!?

Almost nothing beats the pub. We understand you might want to pop to your local to watch the game, we love it too. However, there is a special place in our hearts for home drinking. With all the games coming up, there is more reason than ever to pour pub worthy pints from your own home bar. There will be some nail bitingly tense moments taking place and we imagine you'll be glued to the TV. And with The SUB, you can have the real pub experience without having to leave the sofa! 

We understand that your "usual" is your usual for a reason but as creatures of habit we can go on auto pilot and pick things just because they are familiar. There are so many SUB Kegs on offer we wanted to make sure you know exactly what's out there. And what better way to get the insight scoop than our very own untapped resource of beer loving sports fans. We asked six Beerwulf employees what they love to load their SUB with when sitting down to watch a game.

This is just some inspo, feel free to explore our whole range. And remember, when you buy 8x SUB Kegs your whole order will be delivered for FREE!

# 1  Lagunitas IPA


Quentin: I just love the combination of hops and citrus aromas you get from this beer. I have so many great memories of watching games at the Lagunitas taproom here in Amsterdam, so I was overjoyed to find it available for the SUB. It's 6.2% alcohol, so you're guaranteed to have a merry evening whatever the result of the game.

# 2 Desperados

demirel x2.png

Demirel: Desperados is my family's go to beer when we are watching football games. The tequila flavour is what really makes this beer good. It is also not as strong as a Tequila shot, so you get the added bonus of Tequila flavour without the high ABV. This a great for watching sports, it means you can have more than one! Not only is it refreshing but it also has aromas of lemon and lime, delicious!

# 3 Edelweiss Hefetrüb


Anais: For me, the best beer to drink during any match would be a good, easy drinking Weizen. Nothing beats a golden, cloudy German Wheat Beer. I don't usually go for anything overly complicated or too high in ABV. I don't want any distractions from the game, just a fresh beer with a gentle aftertaste like Edelweiss Hefetrüb will do me just fine!

# 4  Gösser Radler


Nicole: If I had to choose one beer to watch sports, I’d go for the Gösser Radler! It has been one of my favourites for a long time and it’s from Austria, like me. I really like the refreshing taste, the lemon flavour and that it has a low ABV. It’s a true thirst quencher, it's great at a festival, with friends at home, at a BBQ and especially, watching sports. It’s always a good fit for me!

# 5  Brixton Low Voltage


Levi: I cannot get enough of Low Voltage, the combination of hops and tropical fruitiness you get is just so delicious. It's everything you want from an IPA and more. And now that it's getting warmer it's even better. There's nothing sweeter than sitting outside in the sun at half time with a pint of this in one hand and a burger in the other.


# 6 Heineken


Phoebe: I love an IPA or a crafty pale ale as much as the next person, especially in the summer months. However, watching a game? There is only one beer in my opinion that screams half time pints, and that’s Heineken. It’s easy drinking, light and super refreshing. You can’t beat it…well actually there is one way that you can, drinking with some salty crisps. But is there anything that snacks don't improve?