We absolutely love our assortment of SUB Kegs. We are not pretentious about beer, whether it’s the hottest new craft keg or a mainstream classic, if it tastes good, we will enjoy it. Like a proud parent, we think they are all special in their own way.

We do get very excited about the crafty kegs though, the slightly lesser-known styles or more small-scale brewers. But there is a price to pay (literally) for more modest production volumes and the use of artisanal ingredients. Home draught doesn’t break the bank, but it isn’t adored for its cost per pint. The beauty of home draught lies in the perfect pours, the premium quality of the beer and the authentic pub experience.   

SUB Kegs from the likes of Delirium, La Chouffe, Brixton and Five Points are absolutely delicious, but we know they aren’t the cheapest way of buying beer. Buying a full case of 8 craft SUB Kegs is a treat for sure. That’s why we want to help you build the best SUB Keg case and get the most bang for your buck.

Tip #1: Fill a case of 8 for FREE delivery 

Beerwulf charges a fixed rate of £8.95 for the delivery of partially full boxes. However, filling up with 8 SUB Kegs will keep you stocked up and get you free delivery. That's already a saving of £8.95...basically the equivalent of getting an extra Heineken or Amstel keg for free.

Tip #2: Look for discounted kegs and the Limited Keg Offer

Keep your eyes peeled for the Limited SUB Keg Offer, a flash reduction that offers kegs from our assortment with a 10% discount. Each month we pick one SUB Keg and for a limited time only you can take advantage of the reduced price. We also have adhoc reductions so you can get the same great beer, for less. Watch out for them, it's a great way to get good value keg refills. 

Tip #3: Pack with fridge fillers

As we mentioned, we know that filling a case of 8 craft kegs can add up. But of course, you want to make use of the free delivery. What we suggest is selecting 5 or 6 of the popular-for-a-reason fridge filler lagers and then finishing off the case with some "special" SUB Kegs. We have created a shelf below with some of the best.

SUB Keg fridge fillers

Lager | 5.4% | 2 Litres

£ 10.99

Lager | 5.0% | 2 Litres

£ 9.99

Cider | 4.0% | 2 Litres

£ 9.99

Lager | 5.0% | 2 Litres

£ 9.59

Lager | 4.6% | 2 Litres

£ 11.29 £ 10.16

Lager | 4.8% | 2 Litres

£ 11.29 £ 9.60

Lager | 5.2% | 2 Litres

£ 10.99 £ 9.89

Tip #4: Look at alcohol percentage 

If you're really keen on getting the most from your SUB Kegs, it might be worth looking into the ABV. Generally, the higher the alcohol content the more you savour, the slow sippers so to speak. IPAs and Blonds for example tend to have a higher-than-average ABV. And although the lagers and ciders are comparatively more moderately priced, the robust flavour and alcohol content of Tripels, Dubbels and Quadrupels make them a savvy, good value choice.

Tip #5: Be selective with the special kegs 

Once you have filled your box with some lagers and higher ABV SUB Kegs you can top up with the more premium priced kegs. We suggest putting one or two of these in your case. Have a think about what you enjoy and what you want to discover. If you love exploring the UK craft scene, then add a keg from Brixton, Wild Beer Co or Fourpure into the mix. If you absolutely adore IPAs, try Low Voltage from Brixton Brewery or La Cristal IPA du Mont Blanc. Or maybe your way of treating yourself is getting the latest launch or seasonal special, the Saisons, Bocks and Christmas brews.

What we are saying is, life is about balance! Mix up your case, look out for offers and take advantage of free delivery. Have fun and whilst we strongly suggest you grab your favourites; we also think it's important to try as many new beers as you can! Cheers!

Higher ABV SUB Kegs

Blond Beer | 8.5% | 2 Litres

£ 14.99

Tripel Beer | 8.5% | 2 Litres

£ 13.99

Blond Beer | 6.7% | 2 Litres

£ 11.99 £ 10.79

Dubbel Beer | 6.8% | 2 Litres

£ 12.99

Lager | 6.4% | 2 Litres

£ 11.99

Special SUB Kegs


IPA | 4.3% | 2 Litres

£ 15.99 £ 12.79

Blond Beer | 7.5% | 2 Litres

£ 17.99

Blond Beer | 8.5% | 2 Litres

£ 18.99

Blond Beer | 8.0% | 2 Litres

£ 18.99