Interested in how to build a home bar on a budget?

Lots of articles and DIY forums will tell you to build a bar from scratch using pallets, a kitchen island, or a work bench. Not only does this often require woodworking experience but also costly materials and a lot of time.

We have a solution! It’s hassle free, requires no DIY experience, and will save you a whole lot of time and money. It’s the state-of-the-art, home beer tap!

We have two different types of beer tap to choose from at Beerwulf, The SUB and BLADE beer dispensers. Here is what they could offer you:


The SUB beer tap - 2L Capacity

Explore The SUB

As explained, The SUB is a home beer tap. Yes, that means, brewery-fresh, perfectly poured draught pints quite literally on tap. And because it’s your bar, you make the rules…and by virtue, control the stock. That means you can keep your home bar fridges filled with kegs of your favourite beers.

We have a huge range to choose from, all the pub classics, crowd-pleasers, small-scale British brewers, and craft specials. Now you know the answer to that well-rehearsed and over used question, “what beers do you have on draught?” You know because you do the stock taking!


approve.pngHolds 2l of beer, or 4 pub-quality pints

approve.pngGreat value without compromising quality

approve.pngCompact and sleek design, perfect for any surface

approve.png35+ beer kegs available on home draught

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to buy The SUB!


BLADE beer tap - 8L Capacity

Explore BLADE

Our BLADE home draught appliance is a great addition to any bar! This larger, professional tap is a premium upgrade, designed for the real bar aficionados.

Whichever you choose the great thing about our home draught range is the ease. Especially if you purchase one of our Starter Packs. With this you get a beer tap and compatible kegs, which is everything you need to get the beer flowing right away. Both The SUB and BLADE are incredibly easy to install, just plug in and you’re ready to pull pub quality pints!


approve.pngHolds 8l of beer in BLADE kegs, or 14 pub-quality pints

approve.pngPub-quality pours right at your fingertips

approve.pngClassy and sleek design, perfect for any surface

approve.pngBig brands like Heineken, Birra Moretti and Strongbow

Still not convinced? Check out our BLADE Community on Facebook!

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Other home bar ideas

At Beerwulf, we have lots of other products to get your home bar sorted and properly kitted out. Complete the look with SUB Kegs and standalone Draught Kegs. These 5L “mini” kegs are great if you’re hosting a few people or you want to have a few choices available. Load up The SUB with the crowd pleasers that everyone can enjoy and add a few Draught Kegs of other styles to accommodate everyone. 

Of course, we are fanatical about draught beer, but we also love bottles and cans. We just love beer. To have the best bar in town, we suggest stocking it with either one of our specialty mixed cases or Value Cases. With all bases covered you will keep even the most demanding of punters happy!

In the summer months, why not set your bar up outside? Fresh, cold pints of draught beer in the sunshine, is what every pub lover dreams of. Make it the most sought after pub garden with some salt and vinegar crisps, scampi fries and dry roasted peanuts to top it all off. And in the winter, create cosy pub vibes by loading your SUB with a strong Blond or Tripel. 

And if you’re after more tips and inspiration on how to design your new home bar, DIY-style, we suggest you read this article. It covers everything from music to lighting to mixology tools and storage. They’ve thought of everything!

Get some great glassware!

Every bar needs good quality glassware.  Not only does proper glassware look really nice, giving you that authentic pub feels, but it will make a difference to your beer. You might be surprised to that the shape of the glass has a huge influence on how your beer will smell and taste.

We have two types of Beerwulf branded glasses, our very own lager glasses and our special tasting glasses. These beer glasses ae specially designed to get the most from your beer and bring out all those fabulous aromas. 

Other home bar accessories

The next thing to consider is some proper home bar accessories. Add a bar mat, coasters and bottle openers for the real pub feel. It’s these finishing touches that will take it up a notch and upgrade your bar setup to something special.