It was Northern California 1993...

Tony Magee started brewing on a stovetop homebrew kit and, after a couple batches, some stray wort had spilled down the back. When Thanksgiving night came, and the wort caught fire and burned the turkey to a crisp, Tony’s wife Carissa kindly asked him to move his new hobby elsewhere. 

He moved into an old storage shed in the town of Forest Knolls, California which was next to the town of Lagunitas (cool sounding name, right?) and he started brewing more and more. The beers ranged from vile and repugnant (his words, not ours), to delicate and exceptional. Then came the iconic IPA, and he knew he could never go back. Eventually, Tony grew out of that space and moved just down the road to Petaluma, bringing his recipes and the Lagunitas name with him.

The brewery grew, as did the tribe of loyal drinkers. Find out more in this video...

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Lagunitas beer goes global

Wherever you go: Beer Speaks, People Mumble

One morning while driving from his home to the Petaluma brewery, Tony thought about his beer traveling to the other side of the country and realised how to get beer there fresher. The answer was: Chicago. With the help from some new friends in the Windy City, one year later the Pilsen-based production facility opened its doors and started brewing for Chicagoland and everything east of the Rockies.

Now, Lagunitas beers are available in 35 countries and growing. Whether supporting local communities by turning beer into money for the cause, or simply fueling stories and songs with IPA and other fine ales, they’ve learned one thing (aside from how to cook a turkey)…

Wherever you go: Beer Speaks, People Mumble.

Make sure to try their iconic brews on your beer tap today, along with matching glasses which are unlike anything else in your bar we bet!

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