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Get your own mini keg of beer!

Are you looking for an easy way to provide beer for your next party? Or do you just want to have enough beer for you and your friends at home?

These "mini" kegs are the perfect addition to any beer drinking occasion because they are highly portable and do not require an appliance to use so are a great way to level up your beer game with ease.

Our tip: For optimal drinking enjoyment, you have to cool the 5L mini keg around 10 hours before tapping, so put it in the fridge in the morning for the perfect after work drinks!

How much does a mini keg hold?

They hold 5 litres of beer, which is equal to 9 pints of cold beer. Great for sharing between a few friends right?

How long does the mini keg keep fresh?

After you have opened the keg, the beer will stay fresh, when stored in a fridge, for 30 days. However, make sure that you regularly check the best before date of your kegs to ensure you enjoy it when it is at its freshest. With a mini keg however, we don't imagine it will last this long so you won't have to worry about this too much!

What brands of mini keg do we offer?

At you will find a great selection of different beers in 5L mini kegs, which we update to match seasonal trends. In summer, a Desperados keg is perfect for the party, but check our stock in autumn and you'll see Paulaner is ideal for your Octoberfest celebrations. Each full box (2 x 5L kegs) is delivered free of charge to an address of your choice, so why not prepare in advance (and save on the recycling of all those bottles)!


Got a taste for home draught?

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Why not invest in a machine and make a home draught appliance your latest addition to your kitchen? We have a few appliances for you to choose from, with starter packs so you can already start pouring on day one, so have a look today!