Open your home bar for Christmas dinner

Are you planning to host your family or friends for Christmas dinner or for a festive party? Then there is no better time to invest in your home bar!

Whether you have a pub shed or a kitchen counter, our beer taps can bring the pub home with ease! Enjoy a fresh draught beer with your loved ones in total relaxation. We've also got a ton of pairing recommendations, recipes and other tips to help you be the ultimate beery host!

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Whether you're hosting friends to watch the football, getting people over for pizza night or entertaining family, our BLADE Beer Tap is a fantastic way to upgrade your bar and wow guests. Designed for the real bar aficionados, beer perfectionists and seasoned party throwers, BLADE is unparalleled if you love entertaining: 


Each 8L Keg contains up to 14 pints of brewery-fresh beer

email_check_new.pngSleek design with decorative accessory options

email_check_new.pngA+ Energy rating and professional cooling technology 

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Our beer taps are also a great gift idea for Christmas! Discover all our Beerwulf products perfect for making an unforgettable Christmas gift!


FREE delivery
FREE delivery
For last minute essentials
Delivered to your door
Delivered to your door
No need to carry heavy bags
Fantastic selection of beers
Fantastic selection of beers
Something to please everyone