The SUB Beer Pump and Keg Bundles

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The SUB beer pump

The ultimate way to enjoy premium draught beer at home

Ever dreamt of having brewery-fresh beer and the pub experience at home? Well, now you can with The SUB, the state-of-the-art home beer pump. Not only will it keep 2 litres of your favourite beer fresh for 15 days, but The SUB is always ready for action. Fresh beer, quite literally on tap!

The compact design and small footprint of The SUB means that you can literally turn any counter, table or man cave into your very own home bar. The unique cooling technology chills your beer to the optimum drinking temperature, and the pour? Yes, that’s perfect, authentic pub pints every time.


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BLADE beer pump

The premium beer tap designed to draught professional pints

BLADE is the ultimate professional beer tap. With an 8-litre capacity and ability to keep beer fresh for 30 days, it is an absolute must-have for beer lovers and gadget aficionados.

But it's not just a beer tap, when you get a BLADE, you launch a new lifestyle, a whole new way of living. Fresh, professionally poured and premium quality pints for hosting, entertaining, watching sports and relaxing. The innovative design and space-saving footprint are game changers. You'll never look at your home the same way, now you know any counter, table or patio can transform into a fully functioning, professional home bar. 


Compare our home beer pumps

Choose between 2L and 8L capacity

Beer pump models at a glance

The SUB - Compact and versatile

keg-generic.pngHolds 2 litres of chilled beer

calendar15.pngBrewery-fresh for 15 days 

home.pngFor the ultimate home bar experience 

BLADE - Professional and powerful

keg-8L.pngHolds 8 litres of chilled beer

calendar30.pngBrewery-fresh for 30 days 

home.pngFor the most professional home pour