Why should you invest in home draught?

Our home beer dispensers are a must if you love beer. Perfectly poured, pub quality pints on tap. Oh, we have all of your favourite beers in our compatible kegs too. Installation and maintenance are extremely easy, so you don't need to worry about that. 

Do you need more convincing? We have lots of information below covering; reasons to why you should get a beer tap, how to pour a perfect pint and even some of our hot tips on the best beerwulf kegs to load them up with.


Delivered straight to your door

No more heavy boxes for you!


Perfect for big moments

From sports games to Strickly


Become your own barman

Choose from over 35+ beer kegs

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The SUB: A classic home pour

The SUB is our classic beer dispenser, a home draught system that cools your beer to a delicious 2°C - the optimal temperature for most beers. It is designed to fulfil all your home bar dreams by providing an simple, yet delightful way to bring the pub home.

Presumably, draughting a perfect pint of beer from your own home bar is tempting enough. However, the opportunity to have fresh craft and classic beers on tap for parties, entertaining guests or BBQs is an added bonus. The SUB beer dispenser is perfect for all of these hosting moments too! It's a great party piece but it's also perfect for when you're winding down and just want a quiet pint of your favourite beer with ease. No more glass recycling trips for you!

Do you need any more reasons to buy The SUB beer dispenser? Check out what the SUB has to offer.

Explore The SUB

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The BLADE: The professional beer dispenser

Or are you looking for BLADE, for the professional pub pour? They hold 8 litres of beer and are compatible with our BLADE Kegs. The advanced cooling technology will cool your beer to optimum levels and keep it brewery-fresh to ensure a premium draught experience time and time again.

If you want to create the true pub experience with freshly poured beer, then BLADE is the appliance for you.  


Why are there so many terms for a beer tap?

Beer dispenser, beer pumps and beer taps are all essentially our home draught products, it just depends what term you are used to. We tend to refer to the as home beer taps, but you may see the other names used occasionally on site.  People are just used to different names; humans are creatures of habit!