Why should you invest in home draught?

Our home beer dispensers are a must if you love beer. Perfectly poured, pub quality pints on tap. Oh, we have all of your favourite beers in our compatible kegs too. Installation and maintenance are extremely easy, so you don't need to worry about that. 

Do you need more convincing? We have lots of information below covering; reasons to why you should get a beer tap, how to pour a perfect pint and even some of our hot tips on the best beerwulf kegs to load them up with.


Delivered straight to your door

No more heavy boxes for you!


Perfect for big moments

From sports games to Strictly


Become your own barman

Choose from over 35+ beer kegs

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The BLADE: The professional beer dispenser

Or are you looking for BLADE, for the professional pub pour? They hold 8 litres of beer and are compatible with our BLADE Kegs. The advanced cooling technology will cool your beer to optimum levels and keep it brewery-fresh to ensure a premium draught experience time and time again.

If you want to create the true pub experience with freshly poured beer, then BLADE is the appliance for you.  


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The BeerTender beer pump

Ever dreamt of having brewery-fresh beer and the pub experience at home? Well, now you can with BeerTender, the state-of-the-art home beer pump. 

The compact design means that you can literally turn any counter, table or man cave into your very own home bar. The unique cooling technology chills your beer to the optimum drinking temperature, and the pour? Yes, that’s perfect, authentic pub pints every time. 

Discover more about BeerTender.