Discover the ultimate home draught experience with BLADE and bring that big match feeling to the comfort of your own home. Our premium machine delivers 14 freshly chilled pints from each keg with top brands such as Heineken, Birra Moretti and more available to choose from. Its plug-in-and-pour design provides the perfect set-up for any sporting occasion.

It's time to order beer online, bring the home fans together and support the England football team with some draught beer worth cheering for.


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Essential beers for football fans

Discover our carefully selected list of beer kegs to order beer online, perfect for any football fan. Whether you like a light and crisp pilsner or a full-bodied and rich ale, every beer style can be found at Beerwulf. We also understand that not every football fan wants to drink alcohol during the match, so feel free to stock up on Heineken 0.0% or other no and low alcohol options when you buy beer with us!

Football on TV and beer: a golden combination

In the UK, watching the football on TV with a good beer are a golden combination. This tradition connects England football team fans, who experience the team's highs and lows together. At Beerwulf, we cherish this culture by providing fans with an outstanding selection of beers for every England national team occasion. From craft-brewed gems to beloved classics, our selection is carefully chosen to make every football match even more memorable. Sharing a beer together means sharing the excitement, the fun and even the disappointments. It strengthens the bond between supporters, with every goal and every match celebrated or remembered with a sincere toast. In this way, beer remains an essential part of the football experience, a symbol of togetherness and community, regardless of the outcome of the match.

The perfect match: buy beer and snacks

Every good beer deserves a matching snack. Pair our Lagunitas IPA with a serving of spicy nachos for some extra fire, or enjoy an Affligem Blond with a classic serving of pork scratchings. These combinations are specially curated to indulge your taste buds during every match.

Support The Three Lions with fun accessories

Elevate the stadium experience in your own living room with BLADE, which taps every beer as fresh as in your favourite pub. Complete the whole look with our BLADE beer accessories, such as tap handles or bar packages. Also, discover our exclusive beer glasses, which not only make your beer taste better, but also make every game a little more festive. In addition, take advantage of our SALE page to keep your beer stocked up for less. With Beerwulf, you'll be perfectly equipped for every Three Lions game in 2024. Cheers to a great match!

What is your favourite beer during a football match?

Watching football is often accompanied by enjoying a good beer. W’d love to know which beer you prefer while watching matches.

Heineken: an all-time classic that always tastes great.

Amstel: fresh, light and crisp — perfect for hot days.

Birra Moretti: an Italian favourite loved around the world.

Lagunitas IPA: a famously hoppy IPA from the USA

Tiger: A trusted choice for many Dutch football fans.

Affligem Blond: a smooth and accessible Belgian classic.

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Responsible enjoyment

At Beerwulf, we encourage responsible drinking, especially during big events like football matches. Enjoy your beer responsibly and drink in moderation. Cheers to a safe and enjoyable match!