You might have noticed that things look a little different around here. Allow us to explain: we’ve been working hard to create an even better beer experience at home, and the time has finally come for us to welcome you inside our new home!

Who are Beerwulf and what’s in it for me - I hear you ask? Well just like offered your favourite beers on tap, at home, delivered straight to your door - Beerwulf does the same, but with over 500 craft and speciality bottles and cans!

From this moment onward you can discover all your regular favourite draught beer products, delivered fresh to your door as usual, plus an additional range of bottles, cans and packs - all easy to find and in one place. From lagers to porters and IPAs to sours, whatever you’re after, you can find it here at Beerwulf: the online beer shop. 

Where can I shop for all my favourite TORPS?

You can now access all the beer you know and love in TORPS right here at Beerwulf. In fact, we have taken steps to ensure that getting your favourite beer delivered is now easier than ever, with 24-hour delivery Monday to Friday. We’re working to restock everything and are planning to add an even wider selection of beer in TORPS, starting with Newcastle Brown Ale!




What is

Beerwulf is the go-to place to get craft and draught beer delivered to you at home. Never before have so many flavours, styles and brands of beer been waiting to be discovered online - so get ready to enjoy the beer you love, tap into great prices and discover something new in the beer world. There’s no hassle: just swift and easy delivery directly to your doorstep.


How can I log in with my previous account?

You should soon receive an email in your inbox with your account confirmation from Once you have the email, follow its instructions to reset your password. After that, Bob’s your uncle - you’ll be able to log in using your regular account right away here at Beerwulf.


What delivery options are available? How long will delivery take?

We are committed to getting your beer to you quickly and safely. So order before 4pm, Monday to Friday, and we’ll deliver your order within 24 hours. All our packs and any box of 16 beers comes with free delivery, as does THE SUB, as well as an order of 8 TORPS. 


Still have questions?

There is more information available over on our FAQs page.


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2 for -20%