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What is American Pale Ale?

The American modern brewing revolution owes much of its credit to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a classic example of an accessible American pale ale. It’s a classic modern example of the style, the beer that transformed the idea of Pale ale in the 1980s.

Beavertown Gamma Ray 

Another notable American pale ale Beavertown Gamma Ray. Jam-packed with juicy malts, tropical flavours and a huge dose of American hops makes it punchy and highly delicious! If you want this on home draught, watch this space as we have some exciting releases coming soon!

What is English Pale Ale?

Alternatively, English pale ale is hopped with the classic English hop varieties. The English hops provide the bitterness in the beer whereas American varieties generally have stronger aromas of floral, citrus and spiciness. 

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Our Current Pale Ale Selection

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How should I pair Pale Ales?

Due to its floral, citrusy notes, pair an American pale ale with lighter dishes such as salads or chicken. But that’s not to say pale ale from America can’t handle the heat, as it will also complement a robust chilli or any fare that carries a hint of tongue-tingling spice.

An English pale ale on the other hand will be great with some hearty British pub food or switch up the plate for a platter of soft and hard cheeses and treat your taste buds to a surprisingly pleasant taste sensation.

What colour are pale ales?

Don't be fooled by the name, whether it’s an American or English, pale ale can be anything from copper-bronze, amber to gold. This hoppy, biscuity, malty beer falls beautifully between dark, heavy stouts and light, refreshing lagers.