Enter Night Pilsner - Stone & Metallica beer

Stone / Metallica Enter Night PilsnerA collaboration between Metallica and Stone Brewing: available for order now!

When one of the biggest rock bands in the world and one of the most notable forces shaping the current beer landscape decide to team up, you can expect nothing less than Enter Night: an uncompromising, crisp, dry-hopped pilsner. The beer’s name comes from the Metallica hit Enter Sandman, and it’s a beer that fits Metallicadown to a tee.

With an extra kick from the hops, Enter Night is fuller in taste than most other pilsners you might be used to. It’s not a full bodied beer that requires sitting down and sipping quietly - in fact, it probably pairs better with an evening of fun and debauchery.

So gather your Metal Militia and prepare to toast with your fellow Fifth Members. Now you can get Enter Night delivered to your home to mark this special occasion.

Say goodbye to the world you live in: here's Enter Night!

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