Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you want to know?


What are the benefits?

Main features:

  • Uses 8L kegs (around 14 pints worth)
  • A+ Energy rating
  • Keeps kegs chilled at 2°C
  • Only requires a plug (no CO2 canisters etc.)

What are the machine specifications?

Here's what you need to know:

  • Dimensions: 59 x 47.1 x 29 cm
  • Loading Angle: Vertical
  • Noise Level: 70 dB (around the same as a fridge)
  • Weight: 17.6 kg (with keg, 26kg)
  • Has standby mode 

How can I purchase BLADE?

We sell BLADE machines in a few ways:

  • BLADE Starter Packs: We sell bundles that include kegs and a BLADE beer tap, so you have everything you need to get started at a great price!
  • BLADE Beer Tap: You can purchase BLADE beer tap by itself, and pick your own kegs. You'll miss out on a great deal though, so we recommend trying a starter pack instead.
  • Refurbished BLADE: We also sell refurbished machines for a significantly lower price, so if you are wanting to dip your toe into home draught and don't mind a couple of little scratches, this option will be perfect!

BLADE User Manual


Having issues? Check out our BLADE Troubleshooting videos

BLADE: How it works

Get set up in 3 easy steps


Step 1

BLADE: Installation 

Installation couldn't be simpler. In fact, anyone can install the appliance; you just need an electrical outlet. Plug in your BLADE and start tapping from any countertop.

No CO2, extra cooling or external hardware required, everything you need to pour pub quality pints has been cleverly designed into BLADE. Changing kegs is easy too. Watch the video to see how!

Step 2

BLADE: Inserting/changing a keg 

Insert a pre-chilled keg into your BLADE appliance. Use your thumb to press the orange button at the bottom of the keg until you hear a ‘click’. Lead the tube in the direction of the tap head, bend it towards the retainer and align it with the orange groove. Push the black part of the spout into the tap and close the lid. Place the dome over the appliance to keep it cool. 

If there is already a keg in the beer tap, first ensure that the keg is empty. Flick the lock switch up and make sure the red indicator light stops blinking and is turned off. Remove the dome and the tube from tap. Take out the keg and follow steps above.

Watch the video to see how!


Step 3

BLADE: Pour the perfect pint

First things first, to pour a perfect beer, the keg must be cold. Check the temperature of the beer. Then you want to take a clean and rinsed glass, we recommend our BLADE glass cleaner if you haven't got one yet! Open the beer tap fully and tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle. Pull down the level and pour, when the glass is almost full, straighten the glass back. Use a wet skimmer to skim the foam. There you go, perfection!

Watch the video to see how!

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