Beerwulf SUB Kegs of the moment

Delirium Nocturnum - SUB Keg

Quadrupel Beer | 8.5% | 2 Litres

£ 18.99

Zundert Trappist 10 - SUB Keg

Quadrupel Beer | 10.0% | 2 Litres

£ 19.99

Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro - SUB Keg

Lager | 4.8% | 2 Litres

£ 8.99

Affligem Blond - SUB Keg

Blond Beer | 6.8% | 2 Litres

£ 9.99

La Chouffe Blonde D'ardenne - SUB Keg

Blond Beer | 8.0% | 2 Litres

£ 18.99

Beerwulf SUB Kegs

Why are these our favourite at the moment?

We love all the SUB Kegs we have in our assortment, like a proud parent, we think they are all great in their own way. However, sometimes you prefer certain flavours, strengths or styles to others. Enjoyment is a combination of so many factors, like a seasonal beer at Christmas, your first ice cold IPA of the summer or lagers at a festival with your friends. 

At Beerwulf we are no different, that's why we bring you this list. We hope to introduce  you to 5 SUB Kegs we think will excite your taste buds right now. Because we could never just choose one!

Don't just stop there, take a look at the whole assortment, you get FREE DELIVERY when you order 8 kegs. 

Delirium Nocturnum

This Belgian Quadrupel flies in the face of any Dry January attempts with a punchy 8.5% ABV.  It is very popular at Beerwulf, for following the Belgian tradition of being both strong and accessible. The warming flavours of dried fruit, caramel and chocolate are in equal part comforting and exciting, it's the perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter. An excellent cure to colder winter nights in!


Zundert Trappist 10

The ONLY Trappist beer available for The SUB definitely deserves a mention. Especially as it is only brewed for the winter season, this beauty is the perfect partner right now, for those chilly weekends in. It's rich and tasty, full of sweet malty tones like toffee and caramel. Who wants to leave the house when you have this on tap?

Birra Moretti

This one is everybody's favourite. The true taste of Italy. This pale lager is refreshing and malty in character, with a floral, hoppy touch. As an Italian beer, Birra Moretti pairs beautifully with pasta and pizza. Drink this and it will transport you to a weekend away in Italy. Salute!

Affligem Blond

As much as we love new, up and coming craft beers, there will always be a special place in our hearts for the legacy of traditional brewing. Affligem Blond has been brewed for almost 1000 years! This abbey beer is strong and refreshing in flavour, perfect for right now, sipping on the sofa or enjoying on a Sunday afternoon. Appreciate the joys of just sitting back and relaxing at home!

La Chouffe

This spicy 8% Blond beer is adored for its lovely lightness. It's strong sure, but characteristically refreshing.  With its slightly hoppy taste, fresh coriander and fruity notes, it is perfect for right now, sipping on the sofa or enjoying with a rich, wintery cheese fondue. Its unique taste has won multiple awards and we are very fond of its folkloric history.  Legend has it, that the mischievous gnomes get their zest for life from drinking La Chouffe!