Beerwulf SUB Kegs

Why are these our favourite at the moment?

We love all Beerwulf SUB Kegs that we have in our assortment, like a proud parent, we think they are all great in their own way. However, sometimes you prefer certain flavours, strengths or styles to others. Enjoyment is a combination of so many factors, like a seasonal beer at Christmas, your first ice cold IPA of the summer or lagers at a festival with your friends. 

At Beerwulf we are no different, that's why we bring you this list - curated from our employees - to recommend what we are loving this season! We hope to introduce you to 5 SUB Kegs we think will excite your taste buds right now. Because we could never just choose one!

Don't just stop there, take a look at the whole assortment, you get FREE DELIVERY when you order 8 kegs - so try something new this summer!

Brixton Low Voltage

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What is better in summer than a hoppy IPA? This is a Beerwulf keg favourite which packs a punch of tropical fruits, perfect for any hot day. The Brixton Brewery was borne out of two couples who met in a bar and wanted to bring great beer back to their neighbourhood in South London. What better to celebrate with than romance in a keg? Cheers!


Lagunitas Hazy Wonder

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The bright yellow packaging is already screaming summer, but if you need some more convincing, this beer is by far one of the most popular in the Beerwulf office due to its unique combination of hops and sweet flavour. If you are a fan of a hazy IPA after a hot day, this will be your dream pint!


Strongbow Dark Fruits

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Of course this is on our list - who doesn't love a cider this time of year? Does a refreshing and crisp apple cider with a fruity blend of dark berries sound good to you? It's got that signature Strongbow taste with a dark side. A cocktail of blackcurrant and blackberry flavours, this one is berry delicious. Approach with caution, it's very moreish, so it's great to share with others!


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This beer was first brewed in Singapore in 1932, so is made for hotter temperatures and is bound to help satisfy your thirst. Lagers are often our go-to when pouring pints for a group of friends, so next time you have people round, a keg of Tiger in your SUB will bring smiles all around.


Delirium Tremens

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Don't let the alcohol percentage (8.5%) trick you into thinking Delirium Tremens is only a beer for the colder months. It can be the perfect moreish drink for a summer's evening, just make sure to have some great pub snacks on hand! This beer is not only award-winning, but also famous for it's bright elephant mascot - so make the most of the sun with something as fun.