Butter beer recipe

Are you looking for THE authentic butter beer recipe, like the one in the famous Harry Potter series? Well, we have just the thing for you. We have a quick and easy recipe using store cupboard ingredients, that you are likely to have already!

If you have been to Harry Potter World you may have sampled the family friendly version of this drink. There is no denying it is delicious, but Harry, Ron and Hermione are children. We want the adult edit. Hence, we bring you a homemade version using actual beer. This silky, indulgent drink with notes of caramel and vanilla can be ready in 10 minutes flat.

Butter beer ingredients:

The below ingredients serve 4:

- 450ml of beer (or cider)

- 100g of sugar (preferably brown sugar)

- 20g of butter

- 50ml creme fraiche

- Vanilla essence

- Whipped cream (homemade or in squirty) for decorating the top

- Cinnamon

Alcoholic butter beer: Which beer to choose?

We recommend a light blond beer, you can go with any.  You can opt for any of the classics like the blond Pelforth or a Heineken. The only rule we would say is, choose a beer that is light and not dark or too strong.

You can also try with Strongbow cider, Old Mout or an apple fruit beer. If you choose a cider, this will bring more sweetness whilst a beer will bring a slight bitterness to it. If you want to make butter beer for everyone, you can also go for non-alcoholic beers which will go perfectly well for this recipe too!

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How to make butter beer:

STEP 1: Start with the caramel, to make this you pour the sugar into a heavy-bottomed saucepan. On a low heat, let the sugar colour without touching it. When the granules start to move or melt very slightly, start stirring until you get a liquid caramel that is still clear (do not let it go as far as amber to brown caramel, it will be too bitter).

STEP 2: Remove your pan from the heat, add the butter, followed by the cream. You can then add the vanilla. Do all this whilst continually stirring.

STEP 3: Then stir the beer into the mixture (or the cider), if you feel the caramel starting to stick, you can put the pan back on the heat. Once you have a well-mixed, smooth mixture and a nicely golden liquid, you can pour and let it stand in beer mugs or steins.

STEP 4: Once the butter beer has cooled, add the whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. To be enjoyed lukewarm.

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