Pour yourself a pint for the Platinum Jubilee

There has been a great history between the British and beer as when there is a reason to celebrate, brewers often crack open a new brew to mark any notable occasion – and this year's Platinum Jubilee is no different. From novelty brewers to street parties, here's how you can raise up your beer game this bank holiday season. 


Coronation Ales: Brewing for the Crown

Elizabethan Ale - 344 x 938 (1).pngThe brewing of beers to celebrate royal celebrations is nothing new, from the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles to the Queen's 90th birthday, it has become somewhat of a staple in the beer industry.

However, Queen Elizabeth II was coronated in 1953 when post-war rationing was still in place, and so the creation of a coronation ale was a struggle for many breweries. As grains were rationed during the war, brewers often made very weak or diluted beer to make supplies stretch, so many hadn't had what we would call 'a decent pint' in years.

It was announced that the beer was to be 'double strength' which caused outrage from both beer drinkers (who thought that brewers were profiting from the event) and those concerned about excessive drunkenness at what they believed was a solemn occasion. But regardless, the beer was brewed and named Elizabethan Ale.

This beer is a barley wine – similar to the beer made when Elizabeth I was crowned in the sixteenth century. With ABV of up to 8.2% depending on when brewed, this certainly is a rich and distinctive beer that takes you back in time. It is now brewed by Harvey's Brewery in Sussex in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

Looks delicious right?

Pour yourself a local pint


A royal brew

Not all of us can whip out a special brew, or even want to as we have our own favourites to enjoy, so there are many ways you can make the most of the long weekend and celebrate the Queen's reign if you so wish.

Did you know that the Queen actually sells her own beer? Whilst she doesn't make it by hand (imagine!), the Royal Estate at Sandringham sells beer made from crops grown on the estate. From their own Platinum Jubilee Pale Ale with hints of spicy honey and lemon to a Bitter Gift box that contains their brewed bitter with matching chutney, they have an curated selection for the crafty beer buyer.


Hosting for the Jubilee 

Whether you will be dressed head to toe in the Union Jack, or just inviting a few friends round for a pint, there is no time like the present to invest in home draft. With over 1400 street parties planned for The Big Jubilee Lunch, pour your own pint with ease rather than being caught out with three boxes of recycling the next day.

All our machines only need to be plugged in, so whack out the extension cord and you've got yourself a pub in your back garden. Not sure which machine is best for you? Compare the two models below and get yourself a home bar upgrade in time for the weekend! 


Pair your beer right! 

Having a long weekend can only mean one thing for many – getting the barbecue out! They are a great way to feed many without having to wash every single dish you own so why not get the beer to match. Here are some recommendations to suit all diets: Veggie BBQ, Burgers & Beer and Ideas for BBQ Season.