The story of St. Feuillien starts in 1873, when Stéphanie Friart founded the brewery in the Belgian town of Le Rœulx. She names the brewery after the Saint Feuillien abbey, located in the village between 1125 and 1796. Interestingly, beer was also being brewed in the abbey, the history of which is closely tied to the legacy of this brewery.


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The origin story of St. Feuillien

Stéphanie Friart initially brewed her beers at an old brewery on the outskirts of Le Rœulx. When her cousin Benoît Friart took over in 1910, he moved part of the operation to a more modern brewery - a large part of the production still takes place there today.

St-Feuillien Blond and Brune were first brewed here in the 1950s, followed in 1969 by the Christmas beer Cuvée de Noël and in 1988 by the Tripel. These classic beers are still in the range today. The brewing facilities of St. Feuillien were eventually renovated in the 1980s and in turn the buildings were also renovated in the 1990s.

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A modern brewery with history

Today, St. Feuillien brews a wide variety of different beers. However, all beers have their origins in Belgian beer history and local traditions. The brewery is still a family run production and can therefore rank among the Belgian Family Brewers.

Under the St-Feuillien flag, classic Belgian beer styles Blonde, Tripel and Quadrupel are represented, as well as a Saison and the award-winning Grand Cru. But you will also find the FIVE, a refreshing thirst-quencher with character and the Belgian Coast IPA with American and Belgian hops.

They also brew Grisette!

Under the Grisette label you will find four biologically brewed beers: Grisette Bosvrucht Bio, Wit Bio, Tripel Bio and Blond Bio. The last two beers are also brewed completely gluten-free.