Desperados is a beer brewed by the lesser-known Brasserie de l'Esperance. Famed for pushing boundaries, rewriting rules and brewing innovative alcohol. They did what no one else dared, brewed a beer with tequila. And there you have it, a wild and refreshing drink.

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Desperados SUB Keg 

And better yet, bring the party to the next level with Desperados kegs! Pub-authentic pubs, chilled and poured to perfection.  With Desperados kegs you can upgrade your drinking experience, beyond your wildest dreams. Life doesn't get much better than this.

The refreshing flavours of lemon and lime might have a wild spirit, but they also go very well sat on the sofa with a pizza! 

Enjoyed anywhere anytime!

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Desperados drink

It's so much more than that...

Igniting people's wayward side through wild experimentation and epic parties around the world.

It’s more than just a beer, it’s a concept. A concept of wild, frivolity and crazy experiences. Desperados is world's first beer with the spirit of tequila.

The beer provides a unique taste, combining the sweet kick of tequila with the bitterness of top-quality beer. The end product is intense and a drinking experience that is both delicious, refreshing and totally outrageous. 

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Desperados Collaboration

Desperados was first brewed in France in 1995 by Brasserie Fischer (Heineken owned since 1996). In 1998 Desperados and the 9th Concept, a Parisian artists collective, comprised of painters and street artists, began their successful partnership.

The collaboration, that still remains today, has led to the creation of many limited-edition bottles and expert designs with real artistic creativity.

Desperados Bar

In 2011 Desperados opened a bar in Paris entirely dedicated to the brand. This immersive concept showcases workshops, music and also the opportunity to taste cocktails mixed with Desperados such as Despejito and Desperinha.

Desperados Parties 

Desperados brings your wildest party dreams to life. They have been known to create epic multisensory experiences. Dance parties with vibrating dance floors that bounce to the beat of the music and 3D projections on the walls of the venue!

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