The history of...Uiltje

In 2015, more than 300 crowdfunders and a bank were crazy enough to finance the mission of Het Uiltje brewery: To Brew F*cking Good Beer! In September 2016, that mission became reality when the brand new brewery started brewing at full speed in Haarlem, a city in the Netherlands. Their ambitions are huge, and their love for specialty beer brought the brewery to where it is today. Their best beers are the most outspoken styles and this is a brewer that's always looking for extremes. You won't find any soft Weizen beer at the Uiltje, only those with crazy amounts of hops. Like fat India Pale Ales, sour beers, smokey beers, beers with fruit, coffee, liquorice, lollies and even beers where a real Christmas tree found its way into the kettle.

Do you like extreme beer? Crack open an Uiltje!

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The brewery is equipped with a brewing house where they can brew 3000 liters of beer simultaneously. In 11 fermentation tanks, ranging from 30 to 60 hectoliters per tank, they have a total lower capacity of 380 hectoliters. To fill the beers they have a bottling line that fills 2800 bottles per hour and a barrel filler that fills 40 barrels per hour. The machines are of top quality and ensure a minimum oxygen intake during filling. All that results in delightful IPAs!

And what about their cask room? It’s filled with more than 300 rum, wine, whiskey, gin, bourbon, calvados and cognac casks. This is the birthplace of their Sequence series and the place where other barrel-aged beers ripen patiently to the music of Johnny Cash (no joke!).

Lastly, they have set up a pilot system - a baby brewing installation and a pleasure system of 300 liters, where there are no limits. There, future brewers can learn their first steps before they are set loose on the Big Boy.

Uiltje Craft Beer Bar

The brewers eventually decided they wanted to be able to drink their Uiltjes closer to home, so they set up a kick-ass spot in the centre of Haarlem for tap takeovers and events with other breweries. It was no sooner said than done. A couple of the team rolled up their sleeves and transformed 120 square meters of the best real estate in Haarlem into the first craft beer bar of the city, with 30 traditional beers on tap and more than 120 different bottles. They love this place and call it their little beer Mecca. It's not just beers from Het Uiltje that can be found there, but the Best Of The Best that they have discovered at beer festivals and through word-of-mouth.