5 times world champion:Brasserie du Mont Blanc

Brasserie du Mont Blanc dates back to 1830. At that time there were as many as ten breweries based within the heart of the Alpine, all attracted to the area by the quality of the water and the glaciers nearby.

Having shut down for some years in 1966, the brewery was relaunched in 1999. Upon being reopened, it was also moved to La Motte-Servolex in the heart of Savoie. Ever since, Brasserie du Mont Blanc has been known for brewing authentic beers with character from the water of the Mont Blanc glaciers.

Founding Brasserie du Mont Blanc

As with any brewery, behind Mont Blanc’s beer is someone with a great vision. While studying management in the USA, Sylvain Chiron was surprised to see how many microbreweries were emerging. Once back in France in 1996, he bought the distillery activity of the Cistercian Abbey of Aiguebelle, along with two partners. It was then that the idea of creating a Trappist beer came about - however the community preferred to devote itself to spirituality.

Sylvain went on to study brewing at a Trappist monastery in Belgium. It’s here that he developed the first recipes for Mont Blanc beer.

"At the end of my studies, a Belgian brewer opened my eyes to this noble product that is beer. I was born in the Alpine and I’m deeply rooted here. I wanted to revive this forgotten alpine brewing history.” 

Brasserie du Mont Blanc

The water for Brasserie du Mont Blanc beer

The water for the beer comes from the source of the Enchapleuze, located on the very slopes of Mont Blanc at more than 2000m. This exceptionally pure water forms the basis of these high quality beers. It’s using only the best water, malts, hops and spices that these outstanding recipes have been developed.

At each stage of production, the master brewers carefully follow these recipes. Top fermentation (around 25°C) is preferred to bottom fermentation. It is certainly delicate, but the aromatic richness developed in top fermentation is worth it.

An award-winning brewery

Today, Brasserie du Mont Blanc has collected many accolades:

  • In 2017, at the International Breweries' Competition, Brasserie du Mont Blanc became the first French brewery in the history of the competition to receive a world gold title. La Rousse du Mont Blanc has just been voted best beer in the world at the International Breweries' Competition: one of the most renowned international competitions with more than 2000 beers in competition from 46 countries.

  • In 2015, La Blanche du Mont Blanc received an award. It has been selected as the best white beer during the World Beer Awards. It is also one of the 8 winners in the world; the Brasserie du Mont Blanc being the only brewery with a traditional character. An exceptional distinction: more than 1000 beers from 30 countries were in competition.

  • In 2014, La Rousse du Mont Blanc was confirmed ‘best beer in the world’ at the Global Craft Beer Award in Berlin.

  • In 2013, La Blanche du Mont Blanc, was voted the best white beer in the world during the World Beer awards.

  • In 2011, La Rousse du Mont Blanc was voted 'best amber beer in the world' at the World Beer Awards in the United States.