Grade B: Refurbished BLADE Lager Bundle

£ 450.98 £ 350.98

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Grade B: Refurbished BLADE Lager Bundle
£ 450.98 £ 350.98

About this product

  • Your BLADE machine comes with a 12-month guarantee.
  • Has more obvious signs of use, but still pours a great pint.
  • Coating has been reapplied in some cases to mask more visible scratching, but the majority of these scratches are located internally so it will look great on any countertop regardless.
  • Includes new Dome and drip tray, along with 1 x 8L Heineken Keg and 1x 8L Birra Moretti l'Autentica Keg for you to enjoy!
Dimensions 590 x 471 x 290 mm
Weight 17.6 kg
Chills to 2 °C
Beer Capacity 8 L
Energy Rating
Noise level 70 dB
Main body: Aluminium casing
Tap handle: Plastic
Drip tray: Aluminium casing
Warranty 12 Months
Also Includes Drip Tray
Install the BLADE
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Change a keg
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Pour the perfect beer
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This product includes

Birra Moretti L'Autentica - 8L BLADE Keg

Lager • 4.6%

Quantity: 1


BLADE Replacement Part

Quantity: 1

Heineken - 8L BLADE Keg

Lager • 5.0%

Quantity: 1