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Nice and compact.

Place it on any bar, reception counter, outside decking or even the terrace. The small compact footprint will fit effortless on any worktop or surface. 

Very user-friendly.

A professional beer tap without need for heavy maintenance, cleaning or specialist installation. Thanks to the smart compression system and carefully designed carbonated kegs, BLADE, does not require CO2 or additional hardware. 

Innovative and modern design.

The BLADE will look good in any bar or restaurant. It's robust and efficient but radiates quality. At a glance, it is clear that the BLADE is a professional tap that guarantees a perfect pour.

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Upgrade your business with BLADE Starter Packs

With proven success in increasing sales and creating greater profit margins a BLADE Starter Pack is an economically savvy investment for your business. They provide you with everything you need to pour a premium, pub-quality draught pint. After installing the BLADE and cooling the kegs, you are ready to start the experience. 

BLADE Starter Packs have everything you need to start dispensing and serving freshly tapped pints straight away. They include: 1x BLADE machine, Dome and 2x 8L BLADE Kegs.

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Boost sales with BLADE

People like to choose and compare. The more beers you have on tap, means greater variety which leads to more customers and more sales.

Discover what Heineken 0.0 on draught can do for your business and turnover. Or, win new customers by tapping pub favourites; Heineken, Birra Moretti, Affligem and Tiger. The 8L kegs are easy and quick to change, no difficult installation or cross contamination. Amazing taste and no compromise on flavour or quality!

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Everything's a bar with BLADE

The BLADE is the professional beer tap that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere. BLADE is flexible, portable and versatile. The benefits to your business are endless. 

The beauty of BLADE is its mobility. Put a temporary tap on your terrace. On a summer's day serve customers outside in your pub garden. Wheel it out to a marquee for events, meetings and weddings. Turn your hotel lobby into a late night bar. Everything is a possibility with BLADE. Read "How BLADE can uplift your business"