Beer and BBQ

We have three specially created BBQ recipes. There's something for everyone; beer can chicken, burgers and vegetable ratatouille! The most mouth-watering beer and food recipes for every barbecuer

Summer BBQ recipes

Is there a better gastronomic union than beer and BBQ? We can't think of one. If you're putting in the leg work for a BBQ, you need paired beers with just as much vigour. Beer is doesn't just taste delicious, it can cut through fatty, smoky, spicy flavours, often important with BBQ food. That's why we've written three mouth-wateringly good recipes, made even more delicious when washed down with some fine beers!

  1. Beer can chicken and Blonds
  2. Burger and IPA
  3. Vegetable Ratatouille and Weizen

Beer can chicken  

beer can chicken

Click here for beer can chicken and blonds


Burgers and IPAs

Click here for burgers and IPAs

Vegetable Ratatouille

Vegetable Ratatouille