Rome, the eternal city. Possibly the most beautiful city in the world, but if you are a beer enthusiast, what can make any trip even more special is knowing where the best beers are! We have scouted ahead for you and curated this list of 10 spots in Rome where the choice of beers is remarkable. Enjoy! 

#10 Fermento Beershop

Located in the Trieste district, this shop is both a bottle shop and a pub where you can enjoy any draft or bottled beer you might desire. The small restaurant is informal and has great atmosphere. The highly-trained beer sommelier staff are ready to answer any curiosity about their beers, so if you are unsure of what to try, they can help you out! In addition, the shop offers a huge selection of craft beers from international micro-breweries, so you will be sure to take some home with you to enjoy. 

#9 Lasputinna

Located in a historic venue since 1983 near San Pietro, Lasputinna the hot-spot in Rome for all Belgian beers. The menu offers a huge choice of Belgian beers, so if you are a fan of this style, this is the place for you!

#8 Pork 'n' Roll

Beer, Meat and Rock! It does what it says on the tin. Great meat and great beer accompanied by live music and rock music performances. The restaurant offers several draft beers including several from Italian micro-breweries, some of which are produced by the owner himself. You are bound to get great value (and great flavours) here!

#7 San Michele aveva un gallo

This pub in not in the very centre of Rome, it's located in the area of Castel Madama. It's furnished like the pubs of the past, from the Middle-age, when you enter you are taken back in time. They have a great choice of beers on tap with trained and kind staff ready to answer any question. They also have excellent sandwiches which are rated very well by customers, so you can enjoy a delicious bite to eat with your fresh pint.

#6 Luppolo 12

This place is equally focused on snacks than it is on beer. Located in the San Lorenzo district, Luppolo 12 also has a bottle shop right next to the pub, so that if you particularly like a beer, you can buy it in the shop. The venue offers fantastic happy hours that last until 11pm!


#5 Open Baladin

Open Baldin beats any bar with its range with hundreds of artisan beers to choose from. In these classical surroundings of the Trastevere district, you can enjoy an excellent craft beer whilst taking in Roman history (or some incredible pizza)!

#4 Kombeer

An authentic pub that is famous for their excellent burgers (and more) that also has a wide choice of craft beers that are updated daily. If you love to enjoy a bite while you sample new beers, this is the place for you!

#3 Sam Beer

Located in the Eur district, this tiny bar offers a wide selection of craft beers. With a lively and informal atmosphere, the owners are renowned for their friendliness and their brewing skills. We recommend that you ask for Carbonara when you are there because according to a trusted source it is fantastic!

#2 L’antica birreria Peroni

The Antica Birreria Peroni, the only historic venue of its kind in the capital, embraces the past as its central feature - the cobblestones tell stories of martyrdom and miracles. At the Peroni Brewery you can find five types of beer: the classic and timeless Peroni Bionda, the Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa, the Peroni Gran Riserva Double Malt, the Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca (Weiss) and the Peroni Nastro Azzurro. This place is certainly a little more touristy than other spots we have recommended but as Peroni is one of the most famous Italian beers, it is worth the trip. 

#1 Ma che siete venuti a fa

Located in the heart of Trastevere, this well-known pub is very popular with those that revolutionized the history of craft beer in Rome. They offer 16 different draught beers daily, so you can return again and again. They offer some very special beers that are hard to find in the rest of Italy.