Go sober in October

Go sober this October! We are in a post lock down, pre-Christmas phase, period of time where people are choosing to cut down on their alcohol consumption. But curbing alcohol intake needn't be a sacrifice, we want to reduce the alcohol not the fun. You can take part whether you want to go the whole hog and cut out completely or just let it take a back seat. We are firm believers that every little helps, it's a great opportunity to try it out and see what you think.

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Stoptober alcohol

Whatever you choose to call it, Stoptober or going sober, October feels like a good time to celebrate the amazing diversity of alcohol-free that is now at our fingertips. The good news is, cutting down on your alcohol consumption is easier and tastier than ever before. Non-alcoholic beer has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with all manner of crafty and clever concoctions being brewed up all the time. Gone are the days of bland watery lagers, with people shying away from ordering in public, if anything they are more popular than ever. So let's shout about them!

Soberish october

We have lots of alcohol-free beers for you to choose from. You can enjoy these whether you have cut out completely for the month or just trying them out. We are almost certain you will love them though!


If Stoptober and alcohol-free drinking is something that interests you, read our article that details everything you need to know!