Beer is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, largely because beer is always a good gift. Beer can also be very romantic, especially as an aperitif with a little canapé or when paired with the right snacks.

To prove it, we surprised some Beerulf colleagues with some beer and food combinations, and we must say, they were excellently paired.  Below are just 4 fail safe pairings that will delight your taste buds and ensure a magical evening. 

  • Kapittel Watou Tripel with strawberries
  • Oedipus Panty with oysters
  • La Débauche Fur & Bones with camembert
  • Petrus Cherry Chocolate Nitro Quad with dark chocolate

Read on for more tasting notes and a number of alternative suggestions. There is something for everyone.

Is beer romantic?

Watch Beerwulf employees sample beer with romantic snacks

Beer and oysters

For centuries, oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac. Is that is important? All you need to know is that they are delicious with beer.

An Irish stout with oysters is one of the most classic beer pairings. Oedipus Panty is a perfect example and with 6% it’s not as overwhelming as an Imperial Stout can be. The combination of the saltiness from the oysters contrasts wonderfully with the roasted taste of the beer.

For a slightly more acquired but really exciting combo, try pairing oysters with a geuze. We tasted French Oysters with Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait, delicious! This has the same effect as adding a squeeze of lemon but even better as this is a softer and more subtle taste, lemon can be a bit acidic. The sour and salty will balance each other in a good way, so you’ll taste all of the beautiful flavours even more.

Beer and cheese

Cheese is romantic because you can share with the one you love. And it's great with beer.

A creamy cheese was paired with Saison Dupont to create a match made in heaven. La Débauche Fur & Bones will have the same affect. Or for something different, sample La Trappe Quadrupel with cubes of old cheese. The hearty sweet beer contrasts wonderfully with the salty cheese. If beer and cheese is your thing, then read either Beer and Cheese or Beer and Goat's Cheese for more.

Beer and strawberries

Strawberries are red and with a little imagination they take the shape of a heart. They are also perfect for sharing. The most logical combination would be with other red berries ...a fruit beer, for example Lindemans Kriek or Brasserie De Sutter La Folle des Bois. The red fruit aromas blast out of your glass, forming a lovely bridge with the strawberries.

We also suggest trying with a Tripel, we chose Affligem Tripel for this but Kapittel Watou Tripel will be awesome too! This works because the moderate fruitiness in the forms a bridge and the strawberry mellows out any bitterness.

Beer and chocolate

So, it turns out that eating chocolate gives you the same feelings you get when you fall in love. And the added bonus is that chocolate is real tasty. Beer is also tasty. Together it can be extra tasty, provided you choose the right chocolate with the right beer.

Milk chocolate is pretty sweet. With food pairings, you should look for a beer that matches the sweetness of your snack. So, for a slightly sweeter beer such as the already mentioned, La Trappe Quadrupel, a sweet and caramelly Quadrupel with dried fruit and toffee, it will be excellent with milk chocolate.

Pure chocolate is less sweet and therefore better to combine with a less sweet beer. Pair with Pohjala Must Kuld or Brouwerij de Brabandere Petrus Cherry Chocolate Nitro Quad and you really will have a chocolate party in your mouth. This is a fantastic way to conclude a romantic dinner.

Tasting beer together in an intimate atmosphere with shared romantic snacks, the conclusion is, beer is 100% romantic.