Whether you're going on a date this Valentine's Day or staying home for a romantic night in, a beer tasting is one of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas.

We surprised our Beerwulf colleagues with some delightful beer and food combinations. Below are just four fail-safe pairings that'll ensure a magical evening. 

  • Tripel with strawberries
  • Stout with oysters
  • Saison with camembert
  • Quadrupel with dark chocolate

Struggling with what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day? Read on to learn more about one of our favourite Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, her or anyone you love. 

Is beer romantic?

Watch Beerwulf employees sample beer with romantic snacks


Pairing beer and oysters

For centuries, oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac, so it goes without saying that they're ideal for Valentine's Day. 

An Irish stout with oysters is one of the most classic beer pairings.

Oedipus Panty is a favourite of ours and with 6% ABV, it’s not as overwhelming as an Imperial Stout can be. The combination of the saltiness from the oysters contrasts wonderfully with the roasted malt within any stout.

For a slightly more acquired yet equally exciting combo, try pairing oysters with a geuze. We tasted French Oysters with Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait. Delicious! This has the same effect as adding a squeeze of lemon, although it has a softer and more subtle taste (in contrast to a lemon's acidity).

Pairing beer and cheese

We paired a creamy cheese with Saison Dupont to create a match made in heaven. If you love a stronger cheese, sample it with any Quadrupel (we recommend a freshly poured Zundert 10) for a great kick of flavour. If beer and cheese is your thing, then read either Beer and Cheese or Beer and Goat's Cheese for more.

Pairing beer and strawberries

Strawberries are a part of any list of Valentine's Day gift ideas for him or her. They're quintessentially romantic. Yet pairing this fruit with beer may seem quite illogical. Until you try it with fruit beer. This works super well as both have acidic and sweet notes that bring out delightful flavours. Lindemans Kriek or Brasserie De Sutter La Folle des Bois are what we tried, although if you want to pour yourself a treat, we recommend stocking up on a keg of fruity Affligem Blond for The SUB.

Pairing chocolate and beer

One of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas in its own right, chocolate is a dreamy match with beer. The general rule with food pairings is that you should look for a beer that matches the sweetness of your grub. So, a slightly sweeter beer such as La Trappe Quadrupel (a Quadrupel with notes of dried fruit and toffee), will pair excellently with chocolate.


A romantic beer pairing is surely one of the best non-cheesy Valentine's Day gifts for him or her (check here for more Valentine beer gifts), check out these Elevate the experience by selecting beers that complement each other and enhance the romantic ambiance. Whether it's a selection of cheese matched with a fruity saison or a velvety stout paired with chocolate-covered strawberries, the thoughtful combination of flavours can make your Valentine's Day celebration truly special.