As a new year begins, many of us will be dedicating ourselves to Dry January — a month-long commitment to staying alcohol free. In this article, we'll dive into the benefits of Dry January and guide you through some of the best alcohol-free beer on tap. So, whether you’re going all in or simply trying to cut back this Dry January, you can still enjoy a satisfying, flavourful beer without compromising on your goals for a healthier lifestyle. 

The benefits of Dry January 

Aside from being a popular New Year’s resolution, the physical and mental benefits of Dry January are aplenty. On top of that, alcohol-free beer bridges the gap between social enjoyment and making more health-conscious choices. If you’re gathering with friends or relaxing at home, for example, these alternatives provide the taste and experience of beer without the effects of alcohol.  

The best non-alcoholic beers for Dry January 

In the past, low alcohol or non-alcoholic beer was often overshadowed by its higher ABV counterpart. However, times have changed, and the selection available has expanded significantly. You can now find a diverse range of 0% and low alcohol beer featuring IPAs, blondes, pale ales, and enticing options for home draught.  

If you’re curious about how non-alcoholic beer is made, it’s calorie content and more prior to kicking off your Dry January, discover everything you need to know about alcohol-free beer here.  


Tips for Dry January  

Not so sure about the idea of a month without your favourite brews, even with the non-alcoholic choices available? Here are some more top tips to not just survive but thrive through Dry January. 

Set clear goals 

Why do you want to take on the Dry January challenge? Is it for health reasons, to save money, or reassess your relationship with alcohol? Setting clear goals will help you stay motivated through the month. 

Let people know you’re doing it 

It might come as a bit of shock, but let your friends and family know about your Dry January. It’ll help to manage social expectations and they’ll be there if you need a quick push over the finish line.  

Get your mates involved 

There’s no reason to stop having your mates over to your home bar. Switch your BLADE to a keg of Heineken 0.0% for month and get them involved in the ride. They might just thank you for it in the long run! 

Give yourself a pat on the back 

As you count down the days, treat yourself to something enjoyable that doesn't involve alcohol. A non-alcoholic beer is the perfect reward for your commitment to the cause.


Embracing Dry January  

Dry January is more than a healthy challenge for yourself and friends, it’s also a way of opening doors to new and exciting flavours. As more breweries develop new styles and tastes, non-alcoholic beers are growing in popularity among connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. So, whether you're embracing Dry January for its health benefits, exploring the world of non-alcoholic beers, or simply seeking the best alternatives, you can always find a brew to make it through.