It’s that glorious time of year again - barbecue season. Across the country, friends and families are planning weekends to fire up the grill, dish out the salad and pour cold beers to celebrate the arrival of summer!


Stock the fridge in preparation

As we all know, you can't predict what the sun plans to do, so good preparation is key. It goes without saying that you need to stock up the fridge, but did you know that you've got to chill your kegs the day before? It seems like a long time - but trust us, it'll keep your beer tap pouring much quicker on the day!

Of course, we all have our favourite beers but sometimes, some flavours are just meant to be. Keep scrolling for some simple recipe ideas to help you get the most out of the barbecue this staycation, and, most importantly, for tips on which beers to stock up on so you're ready to grill when the sun decides to make an appearance!

A spicy starter...

Get the barbecue lit about an hour and a half before you’re ready to start cooking the main course. An hour in, everyone is probably starting to get a bit peckish, so that’s the time to stick some chorizo on for a starter that’ll really whet everyone’s appetite.

Melt the fat a little bit and serve up a blonde to match - La Chouffe is our recommendation here! The spiciness of the chorizo is great with this beer, it brings out the hoppy character without making it overly bitter.

Our BBQ recommendations...


Pairing Beers with BBQ

Beef Burgers: This is a classic option - perfect for all ages! For the adults though, there is a perfect pairing that you know and love...malty, refreshing lagers. While this isn't mindblowing, it is truly the best match as the heaviness of the beef needs something a bit lighter. We recommend Heineken and Zipfer, as they are true crowd-pleasers that'll compliment your beefy creations.

Chicken Skewers: For those cooking up a leaner option, chicken goes perfectly with stronger flavours, namely of the hoppy variety! IPAs and Pale Ales will bring out the best of whatever herbs you add to your chicken, whilst still being refreshing and fruity.

Seafood: Some fancy folks love throwing oysters, prawns and other seafood onto the BBQ and for you lot, we have a dream combo! Cider will highlight the sweetness of your seafood whilst not overpowering delicate flavours.

Grilled Veggies: Grilled vegetables, like the classic corn on the cob, might seem hard to pair but with complex flavours, a complex beer is just the ticket. Wheat beers will match the complexity of grilled veggies with notes of spices and banana, while still being a refreshing pint.

Check out our beer and food pairings page for more tasty inspiration.

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For when your mates arrive...