Beers and ideas for BBQ season

Beers and ideas for BBQ season

It’s that glorious time of year again - barbecue season. Across the country, friends and families are planning weekends to fire up the grill, dish out the salad and pour cold beers to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Stock the fridge for your staycation

BBQs are perfect for a staycation; they scream summer and are the perfect opportunity for some tasty beers. As we all know, you can't predict what the sun plans to do, so good preparation is key. Keep scrolling for some simple recipe ideas to help you get the most out of the barbecue this staycation, and, most importantly, for tips on which beers to stock up on so you're ready to grill when the sun decides to make an appearance!


Get the barbecue lit about an hour and a half before you’re ready to start cooking the main course. An hour in, everyone is probably starting to get a bit peckish, so that’s the time to stick some chorizo on for a starter that’ll really whet everyone’s appetite.

Melt the fat a little bit and serve up Ur-Hop from Gulpener. The spiciness of the chorizo is great with this beer - it brings out the Ur-Hop’s hoppy character without making it overly bitter.

First round: chicken

After an hour and a half the barbecue should be settling down, so place a piece of tinfoil on top and stick some chicken thighs and some mushrooms on to start cooking. Sprinkle pepper, parsley and salt. Once they’ve got going, spoon the mushrooms through the fat of the chicken thighs to marinate them. For extra finesse, roll the chicken thighs in a slice of bacon each and add some sugar snap peas to each plate.

Second round: home-made burgers with corn on the cob

Take a few corn on the cobs, put them on a piece of tinfoil and sprinkle with salt. Add a knob of butter, a bit of parsley and close up the foil. Put it on the barbecue, making sure that the butter won’t drip out.

Next up, the burgers. Mix mince with chopped onion, paprika, egg and some maple syrup. If you really want to kick it up a notch, you can mix a bit of Moor Stout into the meat. Roll the mixture into balls and press them flat to make a nice, fat burger.

Lagunitas IPA will go nicely with the corn, while the burgers will be best matched with Ciney Brown and the Moor Stout- particularly if you splashed some in while cooking! Serve the meal up with some bread and potato salad, or keep it simple with a fresh cucumber and tomato salad. For a dressing, mix together some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mayonnaise and scoop it through the cucumber and tomatoes.


No meal is complete without something sweet, and the same goes for barbecues. First, take a banana and cut it down the middle. Break a bar of dark chocolate into chunks and press them into the cut-open banana. Roll the banana and chocolate into a sheet of tin foil and put it on the dwindling coals. Let it lie for about fifteen minutes, then grab a spoon and have a taste. Once it’s ready, pour yourself a glass of De Leckere Blauwe Bijl - the combination of the barley wine and the chocolate is heavenly.

For the true beer lovers, take a piece of tin foil, fold it twice, then open it out into a cone. Take some tinned tangerines or cherries and spoon the fruit into the cone, adding a little bit of any cherry lambic. Close the cone up, and stick it on the barbecue, taking care not to let the beer run out. Once it’s ready, pour the rest of the beer into a glass and tuck into both together.  

Both of these desserts can be served with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream for ultimate decadence.


Don't have the time for a full meal? Try this tasty snack instead. Place some foil on the barbecue and melt a knob of butter on it. Cut a banana up into pieces and add a few slices of pineapple. Sprinkle some salt and icing sugar over the top, and top it off with a splash of Bruut Gajes Tripel - winner of the 2016 Dutch Beer Challenge. This combination will also go well with Meantime IPA, so serve that up alongside.

For something even simpler, melt goat’s cheese on the grill and tear up some bread to dunk. Drink the Gajes Tripel for a truly winning combination.

Ready to start preparing for BBQ season now? Get stocked up on the beers first by clicking through the selection below.

Happy barbecuing!