Are you planning a trip to Paris? Looking for the best beer bars to have a drink in during your stay? We visited the beautiful French capital and put together our own selection of the coolest bars. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or not - these spots are well worth visiting.

Paname Brewing Company

Paname Brewing Company opened its doors in June 2015 and is beautifully located on the edge of the Parc de la Villette. This place gives you the opportunity to drink delicious beers brewed right there on site.

The founder, a Canadian beer lover, describes himself as open, passionate, but above all, the total opposite of Parisian chic. His goal is to share his knowledge about beer; he wants good quality beers to be accessible to everyone: “I want a friendly place where you talk and drink a beer, but there's no need to be an expert". The location ties it all together, too: you can enjoy your beer and have a quality meal right next to the canals.

Since the opening of the brewery, more than 50 different types of beers have been brewed here. Now, Paname Brewing Company brews five excellent beers, as well as seasonal specialties and limited beers. Try "Un singe en hiver", an original lager, slightly dry and fruity. Or "La barge du canal" one of the bestsellers, which is a very light IPA. 

Brussels Beer Project // Pigalle

The founder of the bar used the word “Playground” to describe it. The Brussels Beer Project bar is pushing the boundaries and breaking rules. It is an atypical bar, quite distant in feel from a English pub. With an industrial look with designed barrels and a dematerialised bar, it’s almost as if this place is from the future. It’s certainly a unique spot in the middle of the crowded Pigalle.“The bar is supported by the brand of the brewery, which is well known by beer lovers'', we were told by its management. 

The bar offers between 20 and 30 different craft beers, both draught and bottled. The variety changes every day. They suggest a beer tasting with smaller glasses, so you can try as much as possible - there are beers from all over the world here, selected with care. They also carry their own creations, like ‘Delta IPA’, a fruity IPA with notes of lychees and passion fruits, and ‘Babylone’, their first beer brewed from recycled bread! And their white beer ‘Grosse Bertha’, is a must try.

All beers can be accompanied by street food dishes, such as hot dogs, salty/sweet waffles or Belgian fries.

Frog & Underground

If you recognise the name, it might be because of their 10 different locations in France - or because they brew their own beer. All Frog beers are brewed locally or in the new Frog brewery in northern part of Paris. They have around 40 beers to choose from in their bar. 

Paul Chantler, founder of Frog, was one of the pioneers of micro breweries in Paris and has since kept many of his original recipes. If you want originality, go for the Ginger Twiste, a lager with a hint of lemon and ginger. Or choose Thawack Black IPA, an intense beer and even a time of incredible sweetness. 

La Fine Mousse

We couldn’t put together a list the best beer bars in Paris without mentioning La Fine Mousse. This place is founded by four passionate beer lovers, and it’s the perfect venue for a night of good beer and food. In this unique place, you’re invited to enjoy crafty and traditional beer in two ways: either try some creative dishes in their restaurant, paired with amazing beers that compliment every dish, or choose from over a hundred beers, bottled or draught, in their bar at the other side of the street. 

La Fine Mousse is a warm and open place for connoisseurs but also for beginners. Whether you're at the bar or in the restaurant, you'll be accompanied by beer experts who will help you enjoy exceptional beers to their full potential, in a glass adapted to the style. But beware, La Fine Mousse doesn't stop there as the team also proposes brewing events and introductory or advanced tastings. 

With beer experts at your service, a friendly restaurant with unique dishes and an impressive selection of beers from all over the world, this place is a must-visit!

La Robe et la Mousse

This bar had to part of our selection because they put French beers in the spotlight! It is without a doubt one of the best beer bars in Paris, showcasing beers brewed in Paris and the surrounding region. With an assortment of around 15 different beers, you’re sure to find your favourite amongst this bunch. All this in a charming and intimate setting.


Also worth mentioning, one of the best Parisian beer bars is without a doubt Brewberry. Here you will find the largest number of draught beers in the capital, with more than 450 beers to choose from!

Le Troll Café

With 9 beers on tap and more than 130 bottled beers, this unusual vintage place puts Belgian beers in the spotlight. The atmosphere is warm and open and there is a lot of beer to choose from.

So, if you’re visiting Paris, you must not forgot to stop by some (or all) of these amazing beer bars. But don’t worry, even if you can’t make it to Paris - you can still try beers from France at home!

Try these French beers at home