Traditionally, America is known for light lagers. Here at Beerwulf, we are all about the full flavours, hence why we bring you a collection of bold, punchy, American IPAsStylistically similar to a British IPA, they’re both all about the hops and you’ll see the characteristic golden hues in both. However, these guys are brewed with American hops, known to create a citrus, pine like flavours, often with a more fragrant, powerful flare.



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American IPA Characteristics 


Very similar to appearance of a pale ale, the colour ranges from burnt gold to an orange amber. They are often clear, although in recent years dry-hopping and unfiltered beers have gained popularity, creating that hazier look. 


The American IPA is a complex beer style. The taste and aromas are defined by the strong hop character. That's why you can expect hops, lots of citrussy, hoppy aromas. Also prominent are floral, and fruity characters. Sometimes you will experience pine and resinous notes and even cut grass if they beer has been dry-hopped. 

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American IPA

The American IPA has its roots in the British IPA, a style with a history of over 200 years. The American ancestor, born out of the modern craft beer revolution is pretty young in the world of beer. In the 1970s pioneering American craft brewers tried to add their unique flare on the classic style, a way to showcase their emerging innovation. They took the British IPA and ran with it.

American Beer Brands

Notable and popular brands are Lagunitas and Stone Brewing.